Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Cover (2) ; supernaturally

Another Cover is a feature of this blog in which I give input on recently-released covers. Yes, this is an attempt to clog up your feed with the same picture over and over (not). Apologies.

Anyways, here is the reveal of this sequel to Paranormalcy! It's a pretty big deal ;)

Title: Supernaturally
sequel to Paranormalcy
Author: Kiersten White
Genre: Paranormal

Life's never fair when faeries are involved.

My Thoughts:

Initally: Woah, it's red!

Stop and Stare? Yes!!

Image: Can I just say I LOVE that dress? I'm not a huge fan of the picture of the girl herself, particularly the shadows on her face, plus her eyes don't catch my attention-- she looks kind of tired. Also, why do these models have to be so unnaturally pretty? I definitely like the picture of the girl on Paranormalcy more:

Font: Lovely, I AM A FAN OF ALL CAPS. And the flow from one cover to the other in a series :) I'm glad it's not loopy and over-fancy, which would take away from the image.

Colours: I adore the red. It's my favourite colour. I've always been drawn to it and I totally wanted a red prom dress (which I didn't get) but anyways, that dress is gorgeous and the colours are gorgeous. It's not an eye-popping bloody red, it's a rustic one which I really like!

Harry Potter Rating (OWLs): Exceeds Expectations*

Will I Read? I'm reading Paranormalcy soon (hurry up library) but if I like it, then you can be I am gonna read the sequel. Maybe I'll buy it just so I can show it off on my shelf since it's so pretty.


So yeah, here's another one of my fancy schmancy segments ;)

What do YOU think of the cover???

*it's an EE although it didn't really literally exceed my expectations, it was because it was above average. I liked the Paranormalcy cover more and did have higher 'expectations' for this one, if this even makes any sense....

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this book on Goodreads

Supernaturally is released August 30, 2011 from HarperTeen


  1. I like the cover, but indeed she does looks tired. Like she needs a nap! ;)

  2. OMG I love it. I can't wait. Long live Evie.

  3. I like the cover! Especially since it goes with the other one.

  4. Both covers are gorgeous but I prefer Paranormalcy. And you are right about her eyes on Supernaturally, she does look sleepy.

  5. The girl on the Supernaturally cover does look a little out of it or sleepy, but that dress is fabu. I half wonder if she is CGI or something.

  6. I'm very happy with this cover, though I do agree with you about the girl's face. It's funny, she's not at all what I picture Evie to look like, even though her coloring is correct. Still, I'm glad they chose the same cover model for both books. It would have annoyed me if there were two Evies.

    I'm loving the red though. And her beautiful dress. The coloring makes the book look like it's going to have a darker, more action-packed plot. (And my prom dress was red!)


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