Saturday, January 1, 2011

hello 2011! my Resolutions (in A list, of Course)

Happy New Year!! Hop you guys had a wonderful night/day/awake-time.

Wow, first post of 2011. And isn't it lovely to see my posts archived (by year) in the left sidebar. Man, such a decluttering bonus!

This post is a combination of small changes I'm bringing to the blog, and some personal blog-related resolutions :)

1. Book of the Month
-This idea I'm borrowing from Ticket to Anywhere, basically I will 'highlight' the most memorable/favourite book from the previous month in my sidebar :)

2. Top Commentators Love!
-Every week, I'll make sure to visit all of my top commentator's (see right sidebar) blogs just to return the favour :) Thank you guys!! xx

3. Lists
-since the FIVE challenge (plus all those best-of lists) I've found out my love of lists. And I realize you guys kind of like lists too, so I guess there will now be more lists!! woot.

4. Author Interviews
-Can you believe I've never interviewed an author? I know, it's pretty sad... I promise to have at least one this year, I've already asked her and she said yes :)

5. Read What I Want
-This isn't related to review books because I don't get many of those. I just mean I'll make an effort to go back and read all the 2010 releases I unfortunately couldn't get to, for no other reason than the fact that I want to. It's actually not as easy as it sounds, you guys should know :p I'll try not to buy too much into, or be too affected by book hype surrounding new releases. Except for a select few xD

6. Covers!
-I want to post about covers, because they are awesome. Please please don't be offended if I write posts about covers I don't like, because I do like complaining about stuff like that. Plus, all those pretty covers get enough attention :p

7. Keep it Neat
-I'm OCD about my blog, but recently things have been building up and my sidebars are more and more list-y and cluttered. I've changed up some stuff but I want to make sure my sidebars are clean with mostly only necessary stuff, but not overwhelming to the point where it's nothing but words, ya know? Right now, it's pretty word-y, so hoping to declutter it!

8. Stay Organized
-Don't have weeks and weeks of having absolutely nothing to post but memes... Yes that has happened a few times. But this also goes with not feeling the pressure of posting every single day. So stay on top of news, post things I find interesting, schedule posts...

9. Don't Get Too Attached
-I'm going to try not to become the clingy blogger, No, I do not need to be checking my email every half hour. Yes, I should be able to get through my day only checking my blog a handful of times. Yes, there is more to life than books (gasp) like... uhm.. the future? *sigh* I hate university applications/decisions, though they seem much easier in Canada than the States.

10. LOVE More Books
-I'll be honest, the first half of the year I was extremely tough on books, I looked for things to nitpick instead of allowing myself a reading experience. I wanted my positive reviews to *mean something* (because I don't like it when bloggers give 60% of their reviewed books 5/5). There were very few 9+ Ratings all the way until October-ish. Then I thought screw it, if when I put down the book and I felt the love, then WRITE about that love! And I did. And honestly, I'm happier about it, and there were more positive, gushing reviews. Especially Decemeber (which was a great reading month).


What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions? I'd love to know! :)


  1. Great goals. I like the idea of Book of the Month and more lists.

    My goals are to be more organised and read more Australian author.

    With you mentioning rating books and mostly reviews are only positive, I am thinking of getting rid of my rating scale in 2011. Because there are too many different levels between good, really enjoy, love and a book you would grab if your house was on fire (any Marchetta book). I feel it so hard to compare some books.

    Hope you had a good New Years :)

  2. Agree with those! Especially the last one - I'm not rating on my blog at the moment because I find it too difficult to judge unless I absolutely have to.

  3. Lol I need to stick with the organised part!! and once a year hey come one You know you can do way more than one interview than once a year, Ill be looking forward to your first interview :D happy new year lovey !

  4. Yay for more lists! I love lists so much I make one every Thursday. :)

    I know just what you mean about "Read What I Want" I'm participating in the Wish I Read That and Old World reading challenges to try to get myself to actually read all those books I meant to read. Hopefully I won't be too distracted by all the *neeewwww preeetttyy* books coming out this year!

    I'm really looking forward to your cover posts. Even the critical ones :)

  5. I like your #10. I've been very nitpicky about books lately too. I think when you read so many, it's hard not to let past reading experiences enter into the one you're currently in. I find myself with a much shorter attention span than I used to have and will abandon books much more quickly than I have in the past.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


    there they are or at least some of them

  8. Ooh, these are great ideas, Audrey! I like the one about the covers. They're so fun to talk about! And also the book of the month! You are just spilling with amazing ideas! Looking forward for them in 2011 :)

    Following your blog! Please follow back!
    If you could follow me on Facebook, that would be awesome too!!
    Thanks for your time!

  10. Audrey,

    More to life than books? *double gasp*

    Well, these are great goals. I love the book of the Month idea, and want to steal...errr... borrow it it.

    And I really look forward to what you have to say about Covers. I love complaining, too, but haven't ever been brave enough to do it.

    I wish you much success with all of your resolutions. Happy New Year!

  11. I haven't really done the author interview thing yet either, so you are not alone! I'm hoping to get a few in this year though :)

    Oh, I so know what you mean about the 'clingy blogger', it's easy to get obsessive about it. I'll be trying hard not to do this too!

  12. What awesome resolutions! I absolutely agree with "writing about the love." I was worried about writing too many positive reviews but then I thought, if I love it, I am going to say I love it. You are preaching to the choir, sister!

    I also hear you about the pressure of really regular posting. Life gets in the way sometimes! :) I need to add this resolution to my list as well.

    Great post!

  13. My first resolution is getting my darned blog from to .org successfully. It's so ridiculously hard. My goal for the year is making my book shine and signing with an agent. (A girl can dream, right?)

    I can't wait to see what next year will bring to your blog! I love it anyway, and it's bound to get better. :D And thanks for visiting my blog even when I *don't* comment. :D I'm reading, still!

    I wish you luck with the college preparations. Would you believe that we're already doing it at my house? And I'm not even half way through my 9th grade year. I've got the rest of HS all planned out. :P

    Also, feel the bookish love! You'll notice that I've been on a 5/5 streak, but it's really because my fingers *made* me click 5 stars. I trust my initial instincts. :D

    Happy New Year, Audrey!

  14. Nic- oh, how i just LOVE the way that Marchetta book is categorized :) And I have a feeling I'll be joining your aussie author challenge... mulling it over :p great resolutions! ANd yeah, Ratings are tricky, because my feelings are usually wavering between numbers...

    YYY- mhmm, ratings are an iffy thing :p

    ALy- I know, im horrible, i need to defs interview more authors!! :o lol, thank you dearie

    Small Review- totally agre, those shiny pretty new books are so distracting! haha, and yay for lists!

    Beth- the thing is I rarely abandon books so usually if im reading something i 'need' to read i'll finish it and feel like im wasting time, ya know?.. oh well :p thanks for the comment!

    kit- i commented! thanks for sharing em :)

    Justine- ooh, thank you! i'm excited for them too!

    Missie- i felt like it was a crime typing out those words.. xD lol, Thank you!

    danya- yeah, it should be both of our resolutions! bring on those authors! haha :p

    Lit for Lunch- thank you for that comment!! =D

    Madeleine- well, congrats!! your blog looks wicked awesome ;) and don't worry on the commenting thing, i do that to your sometimes too... *blushes* and my, you've got it all planned out?? I'm really jealous.. i feel happy for you though, you have your goals and you know what you wnat to be. HNY hun!


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