Thursday, December 9, 2010

my Secret Santa gift!! =)

So last year I had so much fun reading other people's posts about their Secret Santas, and the surprise presents they got in the mail. I was definitely going to sign up for one this year... so I settled on the Book Blogger Holiday Swap.

Today at school, my mom texted me saying a big box has arrived... I was hoping and hoping and when I got home, YAY!! It was a box from my Secret Santa. I was pretty giddy with excitement but I still managed to take pictures along the way so you can all be happy and giddy with me.

I saw the box.. (blacked out addresses for privacy reasons)

I removed the brown paper to find another box... (and let me tell you, I fail at ripping open boxes so you can imagine my scramble to tear everything apart in my excitement)

And found another, shiny and gorgeous box inside!!

I opened it to find a card, which was so sweet and pretty :) My Santa signed her name so I will be sending her a thank you email! You should visit her blog because she is totally AWESOME. I'll announce her name and blog below...

I saw this inside after taking away the tissue paper. *gasp* I couldn't even believe how many goodies there were!

I got a bunch of cute edible things like biscuits, chocolate, tea, maple syrup (*high five*) and a journal, bookmark, and an adorable cup. Also there were two things (presumably books) wrapped in the cutest wrapping paper EVER. I saved it, true story.

I unwrapped the two things to find:
  • Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti
  • Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley
  • ... YAY!!! I haven't read either of these and I can't wait to start :)

And here is a picture of everything!

So my Santa was Donna from Booksbound, thank you so so so much! Thanks for all the effort you put into making my present so unbelievably awesome, and making my swapping experience a gazillion times better than I ever imagined. Thank you!! xoxoxoxo

And to all my readers, please visit her blog and tell her how awesomesauce she is!!


  1. What a great box o'goodies!

  2. Oh my gosh! That's awesome! I would have jumped for joy with a really wide grin on my face :D Haha. I remember receiving a book for Christmas last year wrapped with the same gift wrapper. SO CUTE! :D

  3. Score!!! Fab package, she did a super job of putting that gift box together!!

  4. Juju- =)

    The GOlden Eagle- hehe I agree! =D

    lavenderlines- yay! :)

    Justine- i totally did, i could barely stop myself to take a picture before going to the next level xD and that wrapping paper is boootiful xD

    Vamps and Tofu - I'm so lucky she was my secret santa! totally made my day =]

  5. Freaking Awesome package, Audrey!

    I did my first Holiday Swap this year and was pretty excited about what I got. So much fun!


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*