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FIVE Challenge: Best Reads of 2010

Happy New Year's Eve :)

This post is part of Persnickety Snark's FIVE Challenge for 2010.

I’ll be honest, sometimes when lists recommend like, 25 “best books of the year” I’m a bit quite overwhelmed, I mean, how am I supposed to choose? I’d like to know what’s the “best” or your favourite, not every decent book you’ve read this year. If anything, I’d love just a few solid recommendations for amazing books.

Much like the metaphor of “if your house was burning down what would you take” this list wasn’t too hard after I cut down the indecision. After the choice to choose more than five was taken away (by myself, hehe). Cut it down to black and white, and this will be what I come up with.

..So these are the big ones. The ones that affected me in such an indescribable way, the ones that made my heart flutter and race, the ones that reduced me to a blubbering ball of tears. The ones with such breathtaking writing it makes you want to shoot yourself (figuratively). The ones that made me think about life and love and hope and conflict. The best. And it's ranked, guys... wow, go me.

5. FALL FOR ANYTHING - Courtney Summers

-I'm still kind of riding the high of reading this novel so I had to include it. The novel was gut-wrenchingly beautiful, Courtney Summers is kind of like Reese Witherspoon in the movie Walk the Line. She totally gives the audience something new (a non-hard-assed character), something different, but still something effing fantastic and deserves total recognition for it.

My review.

4. MONSTERS OF MEN - Patrick Ness

-I love this series, but this book stands out because it's not just a book about war. It makes you think of all the sides involved, all the separate motivations that make sense but seem utterly bizarre. The choices are difficult, the result is unpredictable.. there are twists you won't see coming and sacrifices that will tear your heart out. Monsters of Men is one hell of a gutsy ride.

My review.

3. WHERE SHE WENT - Gayle Forman

-the only book that hasn't been released yet (April, 2011) but I'm placing it on my list because it, well, deserves a spot. I loved Mia's story in If I Stay, and I can say the same for Adam's story in Where She Went. I am in love with that boy, the writing, the story, the one whirlwind night in NYC... maybe not a bucketload of tears but still, such a stunning sequel.


-LOL I'm sorry, but it is a TIE. I realized this book isn't the sole occupier (occupiee?) of #1 because I realized with some odd clarity that if I loved this book so much I would get off my behind and buy a copy of it the moment I returned it to the library. I didn't do that (shame on me). Of course, this doesn't mean I didn't love it. I did, I truly think it is extraordinary.

My review.

1. THE PIPER'S SON - Melina Marchetta

-I still pick this one off my shelf and reread parts because for the life of me, I can't let go of Tom Mackee and his aunt Georgie. I can't get enough of the bonds between family members, the brilliant friendships, the heartbreak and the tears, the god-send writing... Congratulations for being my favourite book of 2010!!

My review.

* throws confetti*

Well that's it!! I hope you liked the list, I do apologize for having 2 novels that haven't been released yet on it.. I just hope you will read them next year when you get the chance :)

Honourable Mentions:

All these I would recommend in a heartbeat but if asked: “Was it the best book you’ve read?” I would have to say… probably not. But they were still pretty damn good.

So before I conclude 2010, I just want to tell everyone how amazing this blogging year has been for me. Your support for my little blog means the world to me, and I wish all of you the very, very best for 2011.



  1. Great list! I see 2 of my favourites on there. I really need to get Chaos Walking series since you keep mentioning it! Running off to order it now :)

  2. FFA is wonderful! Great choices Audrey.

  3. I absolutely loved The Chaos Walking series and need to read a few of your other favs. Have a very Happy New Year!

  4. I haven't read any of these - I know I'll be reading Where She Went at least next year - but I've heard good things about most of them. The only that's familiar is The Piper's Son so I'll have to check that one out.

  5. Great list! Looking forward to a couple of books you listed in your list. ;) Happy New Year!

  6. Love you Audrey! I want to give you a big big hug! gah I am so glad I found you and your blog girl, I don't know what I would do without you, see you in 2011 missy, another year and many more to come which we will spend together :)

  7. Yay for The Piper's Son and The Sky is Everywhere, such great books!

    I'm really conflicted about Where She Went. I do want to read it but I kind of feel like If I Stay had a perfect end.

    Happy New Year

  8. Awsome list
    and I hope there will be a review of Dash and lilys book of dares up soon

    I plan on reading it after I get some more books off my TBR list

  9. Thanks for your post on my list and great to see yours - especially since we agree on The Sky Is Everywhere! Desperately want to read Fall For Anything ASAP.

  10. Thanks for the recs! I am DYING to get my hands on Fall for Anything and Where She Went! I have heard so many good things about them both :)

  11. Love. love. love your list! I need to read The Chaos Walking trilogy soon. I have been reading about it everywhere. For some reason, the cover does not appeal to me but it sounds amazing.

    I also cannot wait for Where She Went but I am a bit nervous with you speaking about bucket loads of tears. Also, can I tell you that I am counting down the days till the American release of The Piper's Son!? I just love anything Melina Marchetta writes and I am positive that this will not be an exception. Happy New Year!

  12. I've either read these books or they're on my to-read list. :D Funny how that works out.

    Also: Go WHERE SHE WENT! ;D

    Even more importantly: GO MELINA MARCHETTA!

  13. *dies*

    Audrey, I will forever be eternally jelly that you have already read Where She Went. That is the one books can not wait to read!

    I'm so nervous about who they will cast for Adam. They better get it right.

    All of your top five are on my TBR. Looking forward to comparing notes. :D


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