Saturday, December 18, 2010

BR: Last Sacrifice

by Richelle Mead
Vampire Academy series; Book VI (final in series)

This review is *Spoiler FREE* for Last Sacrifice, includes very minor spoilers for Books 1-5

I’m a stingy kid. I won’t dish out $20 for a hardback for just any book… but I had to get this one :)

Summary (goodreads)

Rose Hathaway has always played by her own rules.

She broke the law when she ran away from St. Vladimir’s Academy with her best friend and last surviving Dragomir Princess, Lissa. She broke the law when she fell in love with her gorgeous, off-limits instructor, Dimitri. And she dared to defy Queen Tatiana, leader of the Moroi world, risking her life and reputation to protect generations of dhampir guardian to come.

Now the law has finally caught up with Rose- for a crime she didn’t even commit. She’s in prison for the highest offense imaginable: the assassination of a monarch. She’ll need help from both Dimitri and Adrian to find the one living person who can stall her execution and force the Moroi elite to acknowledge a shocking new candidate for the royal throne: Vasilisa Dragomir.

But the clock on Rose’s life is running out. Rose knows in her heart the world of the dead wants her back… and this time she is truly out of second chances. The big question is, when your life is about saving others, who will save you?

My Expectations: Books 4 and 5 didn’t amaze me, but I was reading for a rollercoaster ride for this finale.

Delivery: Awesomely amazing for the first nine-tenths!

Put-down-ability: totally and absolutely addicting, read in one sitting... 1.5/10!

My Thoughts
So. Last Sacrifice. Wow. Probably one of my most highly anticipated books of 2010, it’s the finale of a stunning 6 book series about vampires, it amazing, great, good, and bad. At times.

First thing I loved was the familiarity of it all, we are back in Rose’s head and although she can be bratty and selfish at times, but she is still the kick-ass, lovable heroine. The experience of being back into Mead’s vampire world was like a second-nature; that’s when you know a series has really had an effect on you.

The book is 590-ish pages, and I will say I was completely swept away in the first 540. My heart was racing, I was on my toes… all the way up until the climax and ‘big reveal’ where shit hits the fan, everything was going swell and I was loving it. I even remember thinking “maybe this will be a 9.5 book, I mean, it is freaking awesome!” Then the climax. Then everything went downhill.

I won’t really say what happens except I hugely disliked the final 50 pages, I hated Rose, the aftermath, most of the events… it kind of ruined a great book (not by much, but by a star rating on Goodreads).

That aside the plot, the action, the mystery.. everything was extremely well done and detailed, and I applaud Mead for giving readers exactly what they want in an original style. I was completely engrossed in the multiple storylines, both Rose on the run and Lissa who has her own challenges. There might have been a few unnecessary portions but all in all, it was well paced and nicely written.

And the romance. How can I not comment? I’ll just say I’m satisfied about who Rose ends up with (was there really any doubt?) but I detested how the ‘break up’ went. Also, I think I will end by saying that Christian Ozera is amazing, so is Eddie and Abe (Abe!)... and I’m a fan of Sydney. I’ll definitely be reading the spin-off series, Bloodlines.

Rating in HP Terms: Acceptable
Recommended for:
Paranormal fans should NOT miss this series! YA fans in general who appreciate vampires will like it too…
Acknowledgments: A bit simple but thorough and heartfelt. 3.5/5

8.8/10 – because it’s a high-flying finale to a wonderful series that won’t leave fans disappointed. Plus Richelle Mead finally doesn’t end the book on a cliffhanger, YAY! Plot, character, and writing were all solid and Rose’s story is engaging and action-packed. I absolutely loved the first 540 pages… but disliked the ending (well, the way Rose acted during the time) which did drop my enjoyment levels a bit. However, I can not deny that this is a very very good book, and Vampire Academy fans will devour with joy.


  1. BLog-hopping by to return the visit! I already follow. :-) I want to read this review sooo badly, but this book is next on my TBR, so I've got to navigate around spoilers. So glad you like it, though! That high grade gives me hope. :-)

  2. Great review!! I can't wait to read this!

  3. The thought of familiarity is a definite turn-on. I have the first book, but have yet to read it. I will soon, though!

    It's too bad that the very end of the book that's the very end of the series is disappointing. I hate being even slightly let-down after putting in so much time! Aw, well.

    Thanks for the review!


    P.S. Love the acknowledgments rating! I always read them. :D


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