Saturday, December 11, 2010


Happy Saturday everyone :)

So, my post is about bookmarks..

Kay, let me explain (and this isn't really objective because it's very much based on my own experiences). I usually read only a book at a time, unless I can't for the life of me finish something so I only use one bookmark at a time. I tend to reuse the same one over and over again too, so I really don't need more than 5 (4 extras just in case).

But SWAG is really big these days, authors have contests for bookmarks and other fun stuff, and don't get me wrong, SWAG is awesome... but what happens to all of it? I don't know what to do with bookplates, and the book marks just pile up... I mean I love it and all but yeah...

I dunno, random thought tangent, but basically I'm curious about your habits:
  • Do you use bookmarks often?
  • Do you have a large collection of them? If you do, what do you do with the spares?
  • Do you switch up whichever bookmarks you are using?
  • And do you like SWAG?
Also, before I lose my train of thought, what do you like ON a bookmark? Assuming we are talking about promotional SWAG, obviously the title, and some aspect of the cover.. I also find that lots of them include blurbs... do you like that?

Personally, my ideal bookmark consists of the Title and the cover-ish tie-in on one side, and the Summary OR the author's name in an awesome font on the other. Maybe some author websites, but relax on the blurbs (exceptions include blurbs by Melina Marchetta).

Design-wise, it needs to be eye-catching. Textured fonts is purrrrty, just sayin'. Also: shiny stuff. Nothing too clustered.

Last question(s): do you have a favourite bookmark? What is it?
Is it from a book promotional thing, or a Harry Potter/LOTR one (with the ring attached to the tassle xD)? Or maybe just those plain and pretty ones you buy at craft shops that do the job just fine?... A non-paper one (like the ones on Etsy)?

My favourite bookmark:

Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert
-for sentimental reasons: first swag/contest I ever won since discovering book blogging
-for practical reasons: not too big, not too small, not to fat, not too long
-for aestheical reasons: it's obviously pretty :)
-for content reasons: perfect promotional item in my mind (not too much praise/blurbs, very intriguing summary and quote included)


  1. - I use bookmarks everytime a read a physical book.

    - I have a fairly large collection of them, mostly book bookmarks. Must be over 30 unique ones to date. I throw them in with packages to people, or giveaways.

    - Yes. I choose my bookmarks based on the books I will be reading.

    - Love it.

    - My favourite is the one for TELL ME A SECRET, for sentimental reasons, too. My first SIGNED bookmark. Along with that comes with my first SIGNED book, and big author relations. :)

  2. Hmm I've actually never thought about this! well i love it to be all sorts of pretty because im into all that lol and a quote is a winner with me, i don't mind a bio at the back, ahh im no good at picking favorites, hmmm maybe my sea and taken by storm bookmarks , i loved that Angela signed the taken by storm bookmarks i would be lying if i didn't say that doesn't make them a little extra special to me.

    It doesn't matter how many i have if a author has sent me a bookmark or a book I'm quite protective of them, it would be hard for me to part with them, but i have given one like to my brother to borrow of course!hehe but to a blogger friend i met which is the one and only case so far :)

  3. I bring most of the swag I win/ receive in m classroom for my students to use. They love it! Some I save to go with books I'm going to give away, but most goes to my favorite teen readers!

  4. Do you use bookmarks often?

    yes and no not the book marks your thinking of I use paper, ticket stubs (and I lost it =( ) skinny jean tags, anything rectangular and within reach

    Do you have a large collection of them?

    Do you switch up whichever bookmarks you are using?
    I try to use the same pice of paper or stub or w/e but if I lose them I'll find another ( With the exception of my lost Fame ticket stub I miss it )

    And do you like SWAG?
    YES!! though I've never won any Swag looks so pretty and awsomeness

    what do you like ON a bookmark?
    Since I don't use a conventional book mark it really doesn't matter to me

    do you have a favourite bookmark
    not really though I did just get a Jasper hale bookmark from my friend for christmas

    What is it?
    my skinny jeans tag

    Though maybe I should start collecting

  5. Though I don't care much for swag, I do have a love affair with bookmarks. I'm a crafty gal, so I make a lot of my own, but I also love to receive hand-crafted bookmarks. I have tons of them all over the house because I don't always read in the same place, and I like to have one handy when I start a book. :)

  6. Cass- yeah, you never forget your first signed materials, eh? Thanks for sharing! =)

    Aly- haha im pretty protective of my books, i guess it's only right to be protective of bookmarks too!! ^_^

    Mrs. Deraps- what a great idea! awesome to hear it!

    Kit- haha, yeah, random pieces of paper/tags work perfectly for bookmarks too! i use them when i can't find paper and i want to mark quotes :)

    Natalie- That's awesome, and you're write, the hand-crafted ones are soo pretty! thanks for sharing!

  7. I usually read 1 or 2 books at the same time and use one bookmark for each (obviously). I have a whole box full of bookmarks but usually end up using my favourite ones. I try to use a bookmark that matches the book I read (dark colours for scary books for example).
    I love swag but I don't have a lot of it. I think swag should be designed like an art product and not so much like a promotional product (which it is, I know), so the title, the author's name and most of all elements of the cover should be on it.

  8. Great post!

    I love swag especially if the bookmark is signed. So many places don't get author events so a signed bookmark is the next best thing. I do have a huge collection from events I attend and any extras I share with my blog followers. I usually include them as an extra prize.

    I do reuse my bookmarks and save the special ones because I'm afraid they will bend or get lost. Sometimes I even use those tape flags because they are sticky but don't tear off the ink. Also you can reuse them and there is no fear of them falling out.

    I have been known to use my phone, remote control, and even my hair chopstick while I put my book down for a minute.


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