Thursday, November 18, 2010

my little nerd Heart just did a Dance...

Anyone here a fan of John Green?? If you say no, I won't believe you.

(EDIT: thanks to ladystorm, I realized I never really introduced him xD. John Green is the author of such fabulous books like Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska. He also co-wrote the Tiny Cooper musical.. Wait, I mean't Will Grayson, Will Grayson.)

Did you know John Green and his brother Hank are on YouTube? They're the vlogbrothers and they post awesome videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they are the founders of Nerdfighters (woo!) and they NEVER forget to be awesome. In fact, if you're curious, when you comment my little message says "DFTBA". Don't forget to be Awesome. Yes, that's a nerdfighter thing :)

Anyways, Hank writes some pretty awesome songs on Wednesday (Song Wednesday!) and yesterday he wrote one about.... HARRY POTTER!!!

I just had to share it with you because he references a bunch of other YA lit which is just awesome. Listen to the lyrics, they are soo good! And did anyone else notice Mockingjay totes makes an appearance as 'percussion'? xD

You can read the lyrics/watch the original video on YouTube by clicking here and then clicking the bottom-bar.

And just curious, is the song true for you? Nothing you read will ever compare to Harry Potter? And if you are a nerdfighter, leave me a nerdfighter gang sign so we can be friends. jk, but srsly still, *high five*


  1. Don't shoot me but I don't even know who John Green is???

  2. Oh my gosh! That was awesome! I totally dug John Greens book Looking For Alaska, and yes yes the song is true fro me. I find myself disappointed time and time again in YA books.

    Also, Hank is my new hero because I have been on an Assassins Creed Brotherhood playing spree, only taking small breaks to read peoples blogs and try to write my own blogposts LOL!

    *high five*

  3. I'm reading a book by John Green right now . . . I watched one of the volgbrother videos before; I didn't catch on that it was him.

  4. I know who he is but haven't read any of his books (I tried online but it got boring)

    I haven't read anything like harry potter in a long time is there a book better then the series? hmm I think The wolves of mercy falls sieres could rival it (Taking down twilight so its Harry potter vs Sam roth)

    I actually want to read more book like harry potter with a nice balance of everything becuse lately its been ALL romance and that gets old

    However my current top dog is: The wolves of mercy falls sieres

  5. It's going to take some really exceptional writer to do better than J.K. Rowling. I'm not sure who would that be either...

    I'm not sure how I'm going to put the Nerdfighter sign in this comment, but here we go...

    *click-click* BOOM! Nerdfighters!


  6. ladystorm- I'm sorry, it was presumptous of me :( I changed the post (he's an author) but I would still definitely recommend his work!!

    Straylights- Wooo Hank rules :) LOL have fun! haha *high fives back*

    The Golden Eagle- really? which one? Well, it doesn't matter I still really hope you like it!

    Kit- that's okay, as long as you tried :p I totally know what you mean! Too much romance is getting boring, bring on the action books :) thanks for the comment.

    Jude- I agree.. I just compartmentalize it a bit, JK in one group, YA in the other :p


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*