Saturday, November 20, 2010

BR: The Iron Queen

by Julie Kagawa
The Iron Fey series; book III

I wasn't sure when I would post my review for this book because it's so far away from release date still... but I honestly have no blog ideas whatsoever, so this is what you'll get. I will try my best to keep this review SPOILER FREE. That way, you can read my thoughts and make up your own mind on whether you would like to tackle this series…

Summary (marketing copy):
In less than twenty-four hours I’ll be seventeen.

Although, technically, I won’t actually be turning seventeen. I’ve been in the Nevernever too long. When you’re in Faery, you don’t age. So while a year has passed in the real world, agewise I’m probably only a few days older than when I went in.

In real life, I’ve changed so much I don’t even recognize myself.


I thought it was over. That my time with the fey, the impossible choices I had to make, the sacrifices of those I loved, was behind me. But a storm is approaching, an army of Iron fey that will drag me back, kicking and screaming. Drag me away from the banished prince who’s sworn to stand by my side. Drag me into the core of conflict so powerful, I’m not sure anyone can survive it.


My Expectations: I won’t lie, book two, The Iron Daughter failed to impress me. I wasn’t really sure what I would think of the third one, but I wanted to continue this series because it has so much potential.

Delivery: Whoa. Did that just happen? It was amazing, so much above my expectations!!

Put-down-ability: even for an e-galley, it was hard to stop reading, 2/10

My Thoughts

The Iron King: Hmm, this an interesting concept, fun plot, decent characters…
The Iron Daughter: Great action plot… love triangle? No thanks.
The Iron Queen: Oh my god, where have you been all my life??

Suffice to say, I loved The Iron Queen. Readers of my blog know that I don’t love books often. They will know that many, many, many things annoy me. Even tiny minuscule, irrelevant things. So they should know that my standards are pretty high so any book I say I love must have impressed me pretty damn lots. And this book did.

I went into this third book of the Iron Fey series with a bit of apprehension, book two was a let-down for me (like I said, I’m nitpicky) and it’s been a while since I read it so nothing was super fresh in my mind. From the first page, however, everything slipped away as Kagawa sucked me back into the world of Meghan Chase. The novel picks up right where the predecessor left off and takes you for an addicting ride.

But the wonderful thing about this installment is that (not only is it better than the first two,) it has intensified the odds, explored new themes and forged a new storyline that fits well with the series without being too out-there.

In my effort not to spoil anything, I’ll just strip it down to the SIX essential facts.
  • True fact #1: Julie Kagawa’s writing has improved with each book. I found everything to flow smoothly, dialogue sounded natural and her descriptions were amazing!
  • True fact #2: The world building is unreal. Unreal! Nevernever was so vivid in my mind, the way she described both the characters and the setting were gorgeous.
  • True fact #3: The action was soooo good! One thing I love about this series is Kagawa’s take on action, Meghan isn’t the sheltered princess anymore, she gets her ass out there and kicks butt. The fighting scenes were among my favourites and I love how alive everything feels with all the commotion going on.
  • True fact #4: I started off Team Puck. I can’t really decide what I am anymore.
  • True fact #5: Team Ash will rejoice. I think.
  • True fact #6: The ending was… WOW. Only word for it, it’s that type of ending that is just perfect for the oddball gal like me. The gutsy, crazy thriller climax that takes bravery and confidence to pull off in such an effortless manner that will surely get readers to go wild: it was INSANE. I can’t even describe how much I loved it. Honestly probably one of my favourite book-endings this year (though I'm betting most people won't love it as much as I did...).

The reading experience was truly a delight. It’s hard to describe how a book can make you feel apart from your surface emotions, but this is the kind of book that just makes you feel cheerful and glowy inside for no reason other than the fact that it’s making you happy. Even when intense scenes were going on, I was just glad I was devouring everything the way I wish I could experience every book I read. I’m sorry I don’t really make sense, there’s only so much gushing I can do.

Rating in HP Terms: Outstanding!!!
Recommended for: Everyone! The Iron Fey series is skyrocketing up my favourites list, a must-read for faery and paranormal fans. You, yes YOU should read this book.

9.2/10 – because it was so good. I hope you haven’t gotten hurt in this gushing review because unless I didn’t enunciate myself well enough, I LOVED THIS BOOK. Kagawa has deftly navigates readers through her enchanting world of faeries, and since the ending is probably my favourite part, I think you should read every part of this series until you can see the type of that suits me perfectly. The Iron Queen will be released Jan 25 2011. Lastly:

Dear Julie,

You are crazy. I can’t believe you would leave us hanging like that.


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my review of Book 1 / Book 2


  1. Your review is awesome. I have definitely got to start this series. But it's going to make me want to hurry and read The Iron Daughter. Ahh, it sounds so good! And thanks for making it spoiler-free. :)

  2. i haven't even read the series! shame on me! but sounds like you loved it eh, oh Audrey i miss you urgh i have been so bad and out of contact with everyone chat soon *hugs*

  3. SUPER REVIEW! ONE OF YOUR CUTEST YET! I just got this from Netgalley and am even more excited! I can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

    And I'm ready for her to kick butt.

  4. Juju- hehe, thank you!

    Justine- Thanks! I hope you read it soon, it gets so much better with each book! :D

    Aly- you should!!! *hugsssss*

    Madeleine- awwh thank you!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts! =D


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