Thursday, October 28, 2010

good signs

Hey! I'm back! Toronto was so much fun, it was a great break from school and kinda a fresher take on university and stuff for next year. Anyways, I might have broke my reading slump, I read 2 books that trip!

One of them was Hold Still by Nina Lacour, which I've wanted to read forever. And then, I thought it was funny when I saw the first couple pages... under the heading, "Other Books You May Enjoy"

So.. I've read 9 of the 10 books (all but After). And I really enjoyed them all...

I think this is a sign. It's gonna be a good book =)

Review to come (I really really liked it!)


  1. Audrey!! im so glad your back i really missed you and that's lovely of her putting recommendations of other books you don't ever see that so its great to see. Welcome back my love! :)

  2. Aly- thanks dearie, you're such a sweetheart!! Glad to be backk! =)

  3. Hehe, it's a good sign ^_^ Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Welcome back! Definitely a good sign, that's awesome! Hold still is amazing I hope you enjoy it :)

  5. I read Hold Still last week and loved it!

    And - so cool - I did the same thing as you and read the list on the inside - and I've read all of them except for After :)

    (I liked all the books but Willow did nothing for me - I'm prob the only person who didn't like Willow...)

  6. Kirthi- I did! =)

    Katie- thank you!! I deffs enjoyed it, a wonderfu lnovel.

    Nomes- I agree, it was excellent! Hahaha TWINS xD awwh, you didn't like Willow... *sigh* jkjk


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