Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's 3 Couples (13)

Wednesday's 3 Couples is a meme I created that let’s me share my love of YA lit couples with others.

-pick a theme (can be anything! A genre, an author, a series, etc) a
-pick three couples within this theme you have strong feelings about (love them? hate them?)
-expand a tiny bit on why you chose these three couples, or what makes them awesome!

Wow, last time I did this was in July! Well, I won't lie, I'm kind of out of ideas... so for now on this meme will be on hold. I'll probably do something random on Tuesdays, like share YouTube videos or what not.

This week's theme: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

I know right? I don't think I've done one like this before, becuase I don't read that much of this genre. These aren't my absolute favourites because honestly, I can't really think of out-of-the-world-awesome ones right now. Just some I really like!

1. Nick and Mae - The Demon's Lexicon series by Sarah Rees Brennan
-swords are sexy
-I think they would be weirdly good together, but probably not very.. ehm, compatible
-Both rocked in the Demon's Covenant (but I won't tell you who Mae chooses!)

2. Chloe and Derek- The Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong
-Yay for unattractive, broody love interests that are much more than what they seem on the surface!
-Chloe can stand her own against him, and refuses to let him control her
-Both kick ass, figuratively and literally

3. Jessica and Lucius - Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
-Uhm, what can I say? These two are great in different ways
-I love Jessica's spirit and style
-Lucius is funny :) and very attractive :p

Sorry that this week's 3 couples aren't the greatest choices, I'm running low on character-love these days :( Any recommendations of books to kick me out of a slump?

What are your favourite paranormal couples? Bring it on! I know I probably missed some super obvious ones (I skipped Vamp. Academy on purpose btw)!

picture source: here/ I'm not reader/looker of art like this (anime-ish, I would guess) but I thought it was really cute xD


  1. Freakin' love Chloe/Derek! XD I also love Isobel/Varen from Nevermore by Kelly Creagh. :D

  2. I havent read demon lexicon but the others are great choices

  3. AJ- yay! and i haven't heard of the other series, will check it out!

    Aly- and to you too :)

    brandi- I'd recommend it, it's an awesome series :) glad you liked the others!

    kit- isn't it purtyy? xD


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