Monday, September 27, 2010

procrastination tips from a professional

Dear Lovelies,

Today, I will be giving you the oh-so-coveted list of ways to procrastinate! Study them. Follow them. Love them. Share them. End up hating yourself. And smile.

All these theories have been tested time and time again, with positive results (plus a bit of guilt). They're easy and fun!!

1. Read. Yes, you go pick up that newly released YA book and stick your nose into the pages. It's alluring, it's addicting, it is not what you should be doing right now but you don't care!

2. Blog. Click on that beautiful blue button saying 'New Post'... think of something randomsauce, and start typing! Oh, do you feel that tiny parasitical idea forming in your cerebrum? Flesh it out! Explore every nook and cranny until the idea is fully formed and on the screen. Aren't you feeling accomplished yet?

3. Read Blogs. Huzzah for logic! Combining #1 and #2... genius. Right? Right. GENIUS. The product is greater than the sum of its parts, because there are endless blogs so you can keep reading them... endlessly. Don't forget to comment ;)

4. Twitter. Need I say more? Read Voldemort's tweets. Follow the trending topics. Tweet your favourite authors. Tweet other bloggers. Tweet about tweeting. Tweet about procrastination by tweeting.

5. Make Plans. And yes, by Make Plans, I mean set up your schedule for tomorrow. What are you going to accomplish? Finish which assignments? Oh, and how much time will you spend on each? What will you wear? Checklists, perhaps? All this is a great distraction from following the plan you made yesterday about things you should be doing today.

6. Read Twilight Parodies. Spend 15 minutes on the floor. Repeat.

7. Find Food. Just for the heck of it, walk to your kitchen and open the fridge. You don't even need to get anything, just open it and *stare*. For a while. Then consider whether or not you're actually hungry.. or you're just bored. Contemplate. Then come back to the computer to finish the list. (Ha! You're not actually that hungry, right?)

8. Sa-woon. This one's the most rewarding, uh-huh. Pull up a Google Images tab.. and start typing. Attractive (non-fictional) boys, might I suggest: Alex Pettyfer, Josh Duhamel, Gaspard Ulliel, Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler (hehe, Reid!)... and many many more.

I hope you learned something today, and if you didn't congratulations for wasting a few minutes, I hope you enjoyed your stay at my blog, don't forget to leave a pleasant note telling me YOUR favourite procrastination past-times!!!

Yours Truly,

A very very bored and in-the-process-of-procrastinating reader/blogger/blog-reader/tweeter/planner/hungry-person,


  1. This is amazing! :D

    #8 Reid! *SQUEE!*

    Great list! totally totally true!

  2. ...were you stalking me yesterday? THIS WAS MY SUNDAY. xD

  3. That was so funny! And very useful tips! Yes they are mighty useful. So what did I do today? number 1, 2, 3,5 and 7! And what I liked the most? mmmm number 7! Yes, I love food. I adore it. :) And now I'm going to take a look at the fridge again. HUNGRY.

  4. Haha this is so awesome! Definitely made me smile :)

  5. I have done every single one of these save #6 and #7. (Which I plan on remedying right this instant.) I've done them all at the same time. Very, very guilty of #5 LOL.

    And so much time wasted rotting through cupboards looking for nonexistent food! This list is made of so much win. XD

    One of the ways I've been procrastinating is just lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling... or staring into space and zoning out. Not productive at all lol.

  6. LOL - I already did at least five of these tonight and I'm off to do the rest :)

  7. Savannah- REID!!! <3 lurve him :p

    Khy- MINE TOO! haha

    Nina- haha, thankss :p I heart food too!

    Katie- hehe I'm glad!

    Linna- i'm such a planner, it's sad. I never get ANYTHIGN done! :p love your idea, zoning out is FUNNN!

    Lisa- hehe, nice! way to go! ;)

  8. Arghh omg how hilarious hahahaha!!! i almost shouted out Audrey you missed Ryan gosling yummy!!!!

  9. I'm doing number 3 right now and catching up on reading blog entries I should get number two done too

    procrastination is soooo bad but man it de-stresses you so much

  10. I'm doing number 3 right now and catching up on reading blog entries I should get number two done too

    procrastination is soooo bad but man it de-stresses you so much


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