Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie Thoughts: Toy Story 3

I know I promised a book-related post, but this one was part of my drafts from when I watched the movie over the summer, so why just post it? :)

Toy Story 3… how do I begin? It really is one of those movies that as soon as it starts, you’re transported back to your childhood as you watch the characters come to life. As Andy leaves for college, the toys end up in a daycare run by an evil teddy bear, Lotsa Love. The gang needs to find a way to get home before the toddlers tear them apart (well, of course there’s more to it than that).

I really liked it. I don’t actively seek out animated movies; however, I thought TS3 was a charming, original and heart-warming movie that fits in nicely with the series. Andy’s toys, all likable, funny and oh-so-familiar did not let me down, and the story never felt strung-out or overused. Animation was spot on, the story and script were fantastic, and the overall enjoyment level was high. Scenes had me sighing, or gasping, it was odd because I didn't think it would manage to get a reaction out of me.

The themes carried throughout the movie: growing up, loss and friendship are all perfectly portrayed... I still can't decide my favourite toy, probably Rex.. or the Potatoheads xD Recommended to everybody, especially Pixar fans :)

Popcorn Review: an excellent movie that has everything you need: wonderful characters, great moments, and a story worth loving.


PS- being away from North America over the summer, I missed all the hype. Apparently it's the highest grossing Pixar film to date :o very impressive!


  1. I loved this movie! My friend and I took our 4 year olds to see it, and though they were definitely a little scared at parts (and quite frankly, there was a point where I was worried that it wasn't going to turn around) but they absolutely loved it. I also liked the short they showed before the film - "Night and Day" I think it was called? Very cute. Pixar kind of rocks.

  2. I've never watched any of the TS movies . . . a lot of people seem to like them though!

  3. This movie was so adorable. I love this entire franchise. My childhood. <3


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