Saturday, August 28, 2010

BR: Castration Celebration

by Jake Wizner

I'm gonna ease into this whole blogging thing by posting some pre-hiatus reviews I wrote (plus, I'm still adjusting to being non-lazy!) I bought this one because it looked really funny, plus the title just added that cherry on top. I don’t think you can top the words “Castration Celebration”.

Summary (goodreads): Did you know that in imperial China, eunuchs had their testicles, penis and scrotum removed?

Olivia does. She's done the research--after walking in on her dad fooling around with one of his grad students. On her way to an arts summer camp at Yale University, she's decided to write a musial called Castration Celebration.

Max, on the other hand, is a big fan of the penis--intact. As an actor, he always has the right line, especially for the ladies. He's going to camp to hone his skills, both acting and otherwise. And when Olivia and Max meet...oh, the drama! Olivia and Max have their roles down pat. Before camp is over, they'll preform Olivia's musical onstage and in real life--though the ending may turn out different than either expects.

Peppered with original songs like "Horny," "I'm in Love with Dick," and the titular, "Castration Celebration," Jake Wizner's a whole new level in a bawdy uproarious romp that's laugh-out-loud funny.

My Expectations: I remember reading about this book on one of the ‘best of” lists, the title was awesomesauce as was the first page. Expected big things.

Delivery: Humour was definitely there but plot was only okay.

Put-down-ability: it was very funny, but not exactly captivating. 7/10

My Thoughts

Three words: perverted, crude, and hilarious. Honestly, this was one of the most twistedly funny books I’ve read in a while, the constant mentions of sex, drugs, alcohol, and other innuendo would definitely not be suitable for a younger audience. Frequent mentions of… you know.. that stuff is abundant and superfluous, I guess it’s a read at your own risk type of thing.

I don’t really know what to write apart from the paragraph above, it basically summed up my thoughts. I really enjoyed reading about Olivia’s musical, and thought her song lyrics were ridiculously great. Even the titles (they were pretty outrageous) made me chuckle. The jokes are those probably made by teen boys, full of vulgar fun.

Something this novel lacked a bit was chemistry and writing. I loved the rapport between Olivia and Max at the beginning but as the novel continued, it was hard to really believe their relationship. I wished there could have been more spark, but I did love the friendships and supporting cast. Also, I never really felt the character growth for any of them.

The writing was a lot of telling, not enough showing, I felt the third person narrative hindered the development, I think if the author switched narrations between Olivia and Max, the writing might have worked a bit better.

Parting Thoughts: bizarre but it made me laugh.. I wonder what that says about my character? Did wish it had a bit more substance though.
Rating in HP Terms: Acceptable

8.5/10 – because it was funny! Well, to me anyways. It lacked in other departments but I think if you are able to not look into it that much, and have a more perverted sense of humour this book is gold. Outrageous, provocative, nasty, and a whole slew of other words. Not recommended for younger audiences and readers who are easily offended by vulgarity. B+


  1. This sounds extreme...I love it! =P

  2. Although the cover is misleading - it looks like something related to High school musical. XD

  3. Elle- thats what I thought the very first time I saw it! (but I read the back despite the fact I hate HSM haha)


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