Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Movie Thoughts: Leap Year

My Expectations: Kind of low, I thought I had the whole story figured out from the trailer. My friend told me it was a lot better though.

Delivery: Exceeds expectations, but it wasn’t like an amazing movie.

Leap Year is a romantic comedy about Anna who wants to propose to her perfect cardiologist boyfriend of four years, Jeremy, while following the Irish tradition and doing it on leap day. She enlists the help of Irishman Declan when her plane unexpectedly lands to help her get to Dublin in time for the 29th of February. Hilarious ensues as thing after thing goes wrong… you can predict the rest.

I don’t like to drag out my movie reviews because I ramble enough in my book reviews, so I always try to keep this stuff short and sweet.

I liked this movie and just wanted to see it for what it was: a cute romantic comedy that doesn’t require substance to engage the audience. The characters of Anna and Declan were clichéd, but the storyline itself was really kind of funny. The scenes designed to add depth to the two leads lacked convince-ability, but honestly, if you do watch it, don’t look too deep into it. Keep it shallow!

Also, always a bonus, it makes me want to marry an Irish bloke ;)

Popcorn Review: Watch it for a fun, light chick flick, in the sea of chick flicks, it is one of the more likable ones.



  1. Leap Year was so predictable and cliché, but I really liked it. It was cute and fun.


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