Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Post: Sean McCartney

Hey guys! I have some very very exciting news!! I’m featuring the very first guest post on my blog, and I’m ecstatic about this. Please give a super big welcome hug to Sean (who will introduce himself (omg i feel so stupid, I'm sooo sorry!) a lot better than I will. still, I'm sure he will appreciate the hug!!.) Voila!

I first want to thank Audrey for allowing me to speak with you today.

My name is Sean McCartney and I am the author of the new YA action adventure series entitled THE TREASURE HUNTERS CLUB: SECRETS OF THE MAGICAL MEDALLIONS.

I wanted to talk with you about book trailers.

I love these. I think this is one of the greatest marketing moves writers can make. I read some articles about it and how much money they cost but truthfully you don’t need to spend a lot or any money to produce a well crafted book trailer.

On most computers is a program called imovie. If you don’t have it you can find one on line and download it for free.

Then you play around with it and start to feel your way about how to put together your own book trailer. There is a manual you can read but why do that? It is much more fun to do trial and error because if you don’t like it just delete it and start over.

I started with a Mother’s Day movie for my wife. Used pictures of the kids and put some titles in there and poof a movie. It caused tears so it must have worked.

The other nice thing is there are enough free pictures, movie clips and music on the Internet that you can really make some good stuff. I am going to have a four part trailer playing on a loop when I do my book signings in early August. I know when I played them for the students at a book talk in New York it made a better impression on them.
If you take your time and have a little patience you can create some wonderful material to use for anything you want to promote.

I want to thank you all again for your time and if you get a chance go and buy a copy of THE TREASURE HUNTERS CLUB: SECRETS OF THE MAGICAL MEDALLIONS at my web site www.treasurehuntersclubbook.com, Barnes and Noble, Amazon or my publisher’s web site www.mountainlandpublishing.com.


Book Trailer:

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This is going to be an interactive guest post, so it would really really really mean ten cartons of Haagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream (aka "the world") to me if you guys left some thoughtful comments that Sean can reply to, whether it concerns his new novel, book trailer, or anything else you fancy to say! And again, thank you Sean for such a fun, thoughtful and informative post.


  1. ohh! i love the trailer and the sounds the book looks very interesting and suspenseful great guest post!

  2. Blueicegal- Thanks for the kind words.

    Just a note I am a he not a her.

    Sean McCartney
    The Treasure Hunters Club
    Secrets of the Magical Medallions

  3. The cover really catches your eye, nice! Also, just wanted to let you know that I tried to click on both the links since I wanted to find out a little more about the book, but neither of them were working....


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