Sunday, July 25, 2010

blog reVamp!

Quite honestly, I don't know what revamp is supposed to mean. I just see it around and I kind of relate it to like, a makeover or something. I should be googling this but I'm lazy.

Well, as you might notice when landed upon my little blog here is that it's... different! I got a new header, thanks to tresor at TDA, and I used the blog template designer to customize colours and backgrounds. That girl in the header isn't me, just to clarify xD

I'm not particularly fond of the BG I have right now, I'm still trying to decide on patterns/textures to make it simple, but not boring. Any ideas?

Also, I'm curious, are you able to see past the sidebars of the blog? Because the width is about 970px, but people's computer screens/resolution or whatever is different, so just wonderin'.

Lastly (and hugely unrelated) I'm addicted to PRISON BREAK!!! I finished the first season in 4 days!! Michael Scofield = cunning, dangerously-smart but still "good-at-heart". Awesomesauce combination.


  1. Hi Audrey! I like you blog header and I think the layout is just fine. You love PB? OMG! I love it too!And yes, he is cunning!But I still watch the 1st season over and over again because I think that was an awesome breakthrough of PB!

  2. i love the header Audrey and i actually really like the background! darn it i need to figure out how to make those tabs, great work! :)

  3. The sidebars look fine on my comp. I like the background and it seems like everytime I visit here there's a new look.

  4. My resolution is 1440px wide, so I see everything and more! lol

    Like the new look =)

  5. I see everything - and love it! Reading that ALASKA quote made my morning. :D Beautiful!

  6. Love the new layout! And love Prison Break as well! :)

  7. Darlyn- yes!! I'm starting to heart him very much :p

    Aly- thank you :) i actually love the way you designed your tabs, I have no idea how to do that, lol.

    Jenny- haha, I'm restless and I just end up changing stuff all around because I get bored :p

    Tynga- I wish I had that much resolution!! thanks for your input!

    Madeleine- took me forever to choose a quote, but it always came back to John Green :p

    YA Vampie Books- *high five* xD

  8. The header is great. I can't see the background and I have to scroll to see the far right. It depends on the size of someone's monitor. Looks great!


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