Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday's 3 Couples (10)

Wednesday's 3 Couples is a post/meme I created to help me regulate posts. It is biweekly, and usually has a theme! It lets me share my love of YA lit couples with others.

It feels like forever since I've done this, probably only been like 2 weeks, haha. Okay, I'm having troubles thinking up themes so you guys make sure to leave suggestions in the comments.

This week's theme (you can tell I'm running out of ideas):

Oh gosh, it's gonna be tough narrowing it down to just 3. I want to include semi-couples but... okay, just main couples. Oh, how I love Harry Potter..

1. Remus Lupin/ Nymphadora Tonks
-oh gosh, this one makes me so sad! The ultimate sad and tragic love story of forbidden love that overcomes the odds but ends in tears :(
-I love Remus' character and responsible-ness he brings, plus Tonks is just hilarious and awesomesauce.
-Aurors ftw
-*sigh* *sniff* *tear* *sigh*

2. Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger
-I'll admit it, I didn't really see this one coming even in the fifth book :P
-I think it's really cute! Think about it, they made it so far, all that bickering and fights and they manage to pull it together to save the world
-book seven interaction = love (even the messy Ron parts)

3. Bill Weasley/Fleur Delacour
-okay, I only chose this because I love Ginny's phlegm jokes (seriously!)
-and it is kind of cute how we find there's a level of depth to Fleur that is not limited to looks alone
-Bill and his fang earring and dragonskin boots sounds hot ;)
-not a die-hard fan, but I do like the two of them together

You might have noticed that I didn't include Harry and Ginny, but this isn't because I'm a hater. I actually do like the two together, but I dunno, they're only just okay for me. Honestly, I can't really see Harry with anybody else though... yeah they kind of fit well together. okay... fine. I'll add them.

Honourable Mention: Harry Potter/ Ginny Weasley
-uhm... it's the Harry Potter!
-Ginny's pretty bad-ass, I love how she takes after Gred and Forge
-they're wickedly awesome togehter.
-Ginny is kind of involved with the best line of the series... NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!


Who are your favourite Harry Potter couples??? Who did I miss?
And I'd love it if you left some theme ideas ;)


  1. Great choices! There's just so many couples in the HP fandom that it's hard to pick just a few.(I love HP so much <33). And agreed, Ginny is extremely awesome!

  2. Go Ginny! :D How about Lilly and James? They seem to fit pretty well.

  3. I'm with Golden Eagle; Lilly and James. I really liked Lilly. ";-)

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  5. Linna- I agree :) Ginny is crazy cool

    Golden Eagle- yess! I cant belive I forgot them, I remember the flashback scene in OOTP, omg, I loved it! James/Lily <3 thanks :D

    Salarsen- Dang it, I know! Ooh, that gives me an idea for themes though, thankkss ;)

    Kate- nice to meet you too :)

  6. LOL, great list! :D

    You missed Lily and Snape - which I totally call a coupling simply because I want to. Really, by the end of the series, Snape was one of my absolute favorite literary characters EVER. I cried when he went ka-put. D:

    But, as far as real relationships go, you got 'em. :D

    No offense - but how could you NOT have guessed the Ron/Hermione thing earlier?! :D

  7. hahah, I got it in the 6th book! lol. I guess I was never really sure that JK would put two of the big three together :P But in the sixth book I finally got it :P
    Lily/Snape? Err I do think it is a fabulous romantic.. notion.. :P I was soo surprised by that too! haha, I guess I'm just a dim reader. Snape's death made me sad too :(
    thanks for the lovely comment! haha

  8. Ginny is the perfect girl for our boy HP. I like the actress that plays her in the movies, too. Tonks is such a cool name! Makes me laugh. *TONKS* I just lurve Ron and Hermione. Once he started getting all touchy about her going to the dance, I was like okay, they're getting together! I love the ending to book 7...sigh. (:

  9. I'm a big lover of Ron&Hermione... have been waiting for them to get together since the big Crookshanks/Scabbers fight in Prisoner of Akzaban!

    Also, I love Arthur/Molly Weasley, because of course without them how could we have the big happy Weasley family?


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