Thursday, June 10, 2010

temporary hiatus

Hey lovelies,

So how are you guys doin--hang on. Phones ringing.

*ring ring*


hi, this is Test calling. I'm going to be dropping by a lot this next week.


Yep, I'll be seeing you....

*sob* *goes and studies*

...This is just a really quick post to do some explanations and get everybody in the loop :)

I'll be away from this blog until next Thursday-ish, I'm just completely SWAMPED with studying for final exams! I know that if I write more posts I'll just keep checking back to respond to comments, etc, and I honestly can't afford to do that right now. I'm such a cram studier so I really don't think my blog will be a great... distraction.

I probably won't be visiting all your guys' awesome blogs either. I've just got to focus myself for the final stretch of school, and make sure I don't accidentally spread my crazy pointless-knowledge-filled-brain onto you guys (trust me, you don't want that condition).

Also, not sure if you noticed but I honestly haven't read a book for over 2 weeks (minus Persepolis for school). Wayy too much work! I'm prioritizing smartly, I think. And I've run out of post ideas, haha. If you want to read my complaining and school-related grievances, I'm sure I'll be tweeting about it :P

I hope you understand, and I'll be back soon! xoxox


  1. im in the same loop hence my absence but i cant help myself the tweets keep coming aww same here so much work, cant wait for things to get back to normal!! hopefully i should be free by Thursday then we shall catch up ,work hard girly!!:)

  2. Thanks for the heads up but no worries, we'll be here when you are done with 'work' you gotta do.!! Good luck on your studies.

  3. Hahaha you're hilarious! Good luck on your tests (:

  4. I went through this at the beginning of this week and last week! I hope the studying goes well, I was easily distracted... GOOD LUCK ON EXAMS!

  5. i know how you feel! i started my blog late feb and by march i was swamped with school work so my blog was pretty stagnant til around mid-april. sad :( i hope your exams go well, though. you can do it! you will be missed by the blogging community :)

  6. Good luck on your tests Audrey!! Get all A++'s so you can come back and brag all about it to us. :-)

  7. Know how you feel. I haven't posted all week. It feels terrible! I haven't neglected my blog/baby for this long since last year!

    Good luck with school! We'll have to tweet happy congratulatory messages to each other on Friday! ;D

  8. To Everyone: thank you SOOO much for the encouragement and awesomesauce words!! Exams went pretty good, aha :D It makes me so happy and grateful for such amazing readers! xoxox I survived!!


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*