Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday

You see, as I was stalking Not Enough Bookshelves, I noticed she was participating in a meme-ish thing that looked like tons of fun. And I followed the links like a good little soldier and ended up on the very fabulous YA Highway (I've been there before, of course, but that is irrelevant) going 90 miles an hour.

I then felt guilty that I don't have any more back-up posts (a minor fib but again, irrelevant) so I thought to myself, this looks awesome, why not join in the awesome?

Although this week's topic is one I semi-covered, I thought that Road Trip Wednesday might be something I'd like to start participating in, so let's start now!

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This week's topic: What's the best book you've read this month?

Well, if you want the long story, go to my May wrap-up post here :)

But here's the "short and ____" (fill in the blank, because my mind is blanking... that could be a song.... irrelevant).

This is a 2-way tie between The Piper's Son by the (YA author goddess) Melina Marchetta..
and The Demon's Covenant by the (super zombie-fied... jk) Sarah Rees Brennan.

Both books were outstanding in their own ways, and I can't recommend them enough. They were given 9.3/10 on my ratings.

Make sure to check out YA Highway (like, they're authors!), and answer me this: what are your favourite books this month in May? (hehe, thanks celi.a)


  1. Oh, yeah, The Piper's Son is just incredibly awesome. I am a fan of all things Melina Marchetta, and I'm loving the depth and layers in that one.

    And... the Sarah Rees Brennan books are on my wish list - still hanging about hoping my library will get them soon and save my budget... I may just cave...

    Awesome choices

  2. Just finished When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead (the Newbery winner). Excellent!

  3. This month? Just started. So I'd have to say the one book I've read. Which is I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It. It's hilarious, snarky, irreverent and awesome. In a parody-of-a-YA-novel kind of way. *grin*

  4. Nomes- yes yes yes, all things MM are gold :) I hope you get a chance to read The Demon's Covenant (have you read Book 1 yet?)

    Janet- I really enjoyed that one too! I really cool MG book :)

    celi.a- haha, I changed it :P I'll have to check out that book, always in the mood for a snark-fest parody :) thanks for stopping by!

  5. Jellicoe Road AND the hunger games. It's been a good month :)

  6. Demon's Covenant I need to read ASAP. I loved The Demon's Lexicon!

  7. ACK! Another one who has The Piper's precious...I wants it...

  8. Ooh my first stalker, I think that means I've made it in blogging terms :)

    Must read The Demon's Covenant!

  9. I hear great things about both. Gotta get on those!

  10. I haven't read either of your May faves, although I have The Demon's Covenant sitting at home! Gosh I read so many good books in May and it's hard to pick a fave, but I loved Feed, Stargirl, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower the *mostest.* :-)


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