Monday, June 21, 2010

csn giftcard Winner!

To kick off the two-post blogoversary affair, I'm announcing the winner of the $40 CSN Store Giftcard! The winner is..


I will email you shortly! And you better appreciate that picture! hahaa

And if you remember, my entry question was "worst/least favourite school subject". A TON of people chose: Math, Science (or Chem/Physics), PE and History! haha, my own least favourite is probably chemistry :P

Stay tuned, I will be posting my Blogoversary Contest soon!

And just in case you are wondering about that, the following people put in awesome suggestions about a month ago on what books to give away. They get a bonus entry to the blogoversary contest :) Thank you! And if your name's not there and you gave a suggestion, leave a comment. There were some entries without names.

Jenna, kimscarecrow, A.J., Okapi, Lisa (Starmetal Oak Book Blog), Sonia, blueicegal, kirthi, Raila (booksoutofthebookshelves), Adriana, throuthehaze, Sara Shalash, Kaila, Sage, Kit (goodreads: j. booker), Thuy, Hanna Barna, Madeleine, Alanna, Javier, Christine Hirth, Brodie, Sara (YA Vampire Books), Jenny N., Yan, KMichelleC87, Natalie (mindful musings), Alexa, alterlisa (lisa loves books of course),, violet (eager readers)

PS- changed my signature :) opinions? I got sick of initials, it's not like I use them anymore, haha


  1. Thanks again! That is some very impressive artwork. ;P

  2. I like the new signature
    Very nice piece of artwork.

  3. Oh an extra entry! :) Thanks! I love that you added my suggestions to the pile too!


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*