Sunday, June 20, 2010

BR: Spirit Bound

by Richelle Mead
Vampire Academy Series #5

I debated writing this review with or without spoilers, and I went with the latter. I did NOT include a summary to avoid these spoilers, plus I don’t like the summary very much. So basically, if you haven’t read this series: 1) ignore this review because it’ll be confuzzling :P and 2) start reading the series RIGHT NOW.

My Expectations: Blood Promise was kind of a let-down, so I expected a big push from this one.

Delivery: So-so. On some levels it was amazing, on others it was disappointing.

Put-down-ability: Amazingly low! Whizzed through this one as soon as the library got it! 2/10

My Thoughts

Like I mentioned before, this is just my collective thoughts on the novel, not really paying specific attention to parts in order to avoid spoilers.

Let’s start with the biggest thing that I thought was utterly fantastic: the plot. Countless twists and turns kept me flipping the pages to find out what happened next, and Mead is anything but formulaic. The adventure, particularly through the first 400 pages was astounding, tons of action, along with tons of plot surprises. The story itself was pretty ingenius, and I definitely applaud Mead for her creativity and originality. I’m glad the series didn’t drag out the climax, I honestly thought it would, and I was glad I was wrong.

Lastly, I definitely appreciated the ending. It tied up a few loose ends, but left you with a huge cliffhanger and hundreds of questions. That said, I probably wouldn't have minded if there was a cut-off about 100 pages earlier. That woulda been just whoa.

Now to the things that didn’t work so well for me: the characters, more specifically, Rose. I shall make a short list for both our sakes:
  • It’s getting kind of hard to ignore the fact that Rose can kill those ‘practically-impossible-to-kill Strigoi’ over and over again with apparent ease. Sure, I know she’s talented but come on, she’s a bit too good at everything.
  • Her character development is kind of weak, and her constant stubborn and attitude (albeit works well at times) does get tiring. Yes, she's bad-ass and kick-ass, but I'd like to see some more character growth.
  • She could be incredibly selfish. She constantly put friends in danger for her own personal gain. People who died because of her decisions are pondered and offered a bit of guilt, then pushed aside never to be mentioned again.
  • I actually hated her relationship with Adrian. She used him as a tool to either get her money, information, or bail her out of situations; it was sickening (also influenced by my love for Adrian). I don’t think she deserves him, especially at the end of the book. (the whole thing made me upset)
I do want to rant and rave about a lot of other things she does, but I’ll just leave it at that.

The writing in this novel was okay, I am fond of Rose’s voice, but the prose is over-detailed at times. Descriptions that I frankly don’t care about are dished out in waves, along with the fact that it felt the author “told” instead of “showed”. Rose just kept telling me, “Oh, I felt this and this. Too bad, now I am off to do this, and doing that made me feel this and this.” Not a huge fan, I must say, but it does give good descriptions for the imagination, I guess. I won’t deny it keeps the action going and the reader engaged.

Parting Thoughts: Can’t wait for Book 6, Last Sacrifice! Also, I hope Rose grows up a bit and stops being irritating.
Book in HP terms (OWLs): Acceptable

7.9/10 – because despite the amazing storyline, I was annoyed by the main character too much. There has to be more to a novel than fantastic plot twists, and Spirit Bound really lacked character development. I loved the uniqueness of the series though, along with action and adventure presented. Better than Blood Promise, I think almost all Vampire Academy fans will love this one. B

And if you haven’t read the series yet, I strongly recommend it! The BEST vampire series out there :D

I'm sorry my review was kind of negative, but I would love to know what you thought of it! I completely understand if you think I'm a total wacko, feel free to tell me! I know tons of people who just adored this book. also...

... Team Adrian or Team Dimitri? ;)


  1. I'm not very into Vampire novels...but I've heard a bunch of good things about this book:D Thanks for the review.

  2. Hi Audrey! I'm Julie. I was blog-surfing (hehe.. :P) and I came across your blog. I've heard a lot of great things about this series. I want to read the first book, but I think somebody lost the library's copy. :( Hopefully I can get the money to buy it. :)

  3. I agree with you about how Rose treats Adrian throughout the series. I do think that Rose has matured over the course of the books but that she still has a ways to go because she allowed her emotions to put Lissa at risk. Still I think she is a fantastic character.

    I am definitely Team Dimitri although I do feel sorry for Adrian. Great review! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts about the book.

  4. I like your thoughts! BP was a let-down for me as well, so this one was definitely better! I loved Rose in previous books, but in this one she's kind of annoying & selfish. Poor Adrian!!

  5. LOve, LOVe, Love this series and I am totally Dimitri... I think Adrian is so B Team

    PS NAtalie is total Team Dimitri too!

  6. Milli- yeah, this is the *only* vampire series/book I would read :P thanks for leaving a comment :)

    Julie- Hi!! I really hope you can read it, I would recommend the library though, just so you can see if it's worth it before you buy it ;)

    Christina- Hmm, I just feel Rose has the same approach to most thing as she did in the beginning, she's really like "intense" about everything, not really sure how to describe it. I do think that she has matured with the whole Dimitri thing though. Haha, after this book, dunno... thank you for the comment :)

    YA Vampire Books- Haha, poor Adrian! Yeah, I know I'm kind of in the minority about this but I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts... then I clicked "publish". lol

    Kelli- Oh, my poor Team Adrian is getting weaker and weaker :P But I can definitely see how he kind of *is* B-team. I like to compare him to Jacob, but this time i'm actually cheering for the underdog :P haha thank you for the comment hun!


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