Monday, June 7, 2010

25 random things About Me

First, everybody who is reading this, go over to Natalie’s blog at Mindful Musings and wish her a ginormous Happy Birthday!! I’m still kind of in awe that such a talented blogger chose measly little me to tag. And as I hope most of you know, I am full of randomsauce just waiting to spill over.
Also, I was debating whether or not to take this thing the bloggy-route (like “I stalk people who stalk me back, in fact it’s a stalk-circle with no beginning”) but I kind of liked the idea of talking about myself... alright, now that I sound sufficiently self-centered and egocentric, let’s move on!

*Edit 12/23, I did delete a few for various reasons... mostly because we had a freaky guest speaker about internet privacy at school a few weeks ago*

Here are 25 random things about me that you probably (might’ve) not known

1. Awesomesauce is currently my favourite description of something made of awesome. In fact, I have started adding “–sauce” to the end of something. Coolsauce. Randomsauce. No-way-sauce. Woahsauce… you get the drift.

2. Actually, the second part of that is only partly true. I would never say woahsauce ;)

3. I love Maureen Johnson’s tweets. I love living in her jars. (anybody? No? okay!)

4. I am such a vlogbrother junkie, Monday Wednesday Friday, first thing afterschool is my John and Hank Green fix. And just between you and me, I like John a tiny tiny bit more :P *hides from flying objects*

5. Anyone who asks for a book recommendation will get a Melina Marchetta novel shoved down their throat (figuratively, of course).

6. I’m not a crier. I have, however, cried before.
6 b) since the previous statement was lamesauce, I shall elaborate. I rarely cry in movies or books or real life, but there are those super special instances where I am a sobbing mess.

7. deleted

8. I am a procrastination-BEAST. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows it’s true (it's my procrastination outlet).

9. I am such a TV addict it’s not funny. I am currently insanely addicted to Bones.

10. School is over in 2 weeks and I’ve got a huge load of exams to do (I counted 5 for this week) yet I am constantly doing blog-related things. Then at 11pm I ask myself (in between rocking back and forth and tearing my hair out), “Why do you do this? Whyyyyy?”

11. When people ask me what my favourite book is, I answer differently depending on who they are. Some of the choices include: Harry Potter, anything by Melina Marchetta, the Book Thief, and Pride & Prejudice.

12. Metaphors are not my strong suit. I’m not bad at similes though.

13. I amuse myself reading Twilight parodies. Don’t lie, I know you’ve done it too! “WHERE ARE MAH STICKERS!!” (anybody? No? okay!) I also love Twilight pictures like the following:

(image was deleted, dang)

14. deleted

15. deleted

16. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Next year, I’m applying to universities and I am scared out of my mind.

17. I want to visit Europe, Australia, and Yellowstone National Park. I want to see the world… just gotta find a travel buddy and a boatload of cash.

18. deleted.

19. Deep down in my heart of hearts, I would love to be an author. However, I kinda know I’m not really cut out for it.

20. I have a rule: if someone texts me early enough in the morning for my cell phone to wake me up, I silent-treatment them for the rest of the day (I take my sleep very seriously). I tell them beforehand, of course, so I’m not a total bitch. Most of them understand :P

21. I have too many pet peeves. Way too many. Most are insignificant though, plus I like to complain (in my head most of the time) an insane amount.

22. Has anyone seen the Old Spice commercial? It makes me laugh every single time. “Look at your man. And back at me... I’m on a horse”

23. I love Brad Paisley, and the name Delilah, the book title Fixing Delilah Hannaford, and the song, “Hey There Delilah”. Hehe Natalie :P I’m into all kinds of music, and love those kinda-indie, kinda folksy/alt-rock-ish bands.

24. I love the name Avery for a girl. Taylor and Eli and Levi for a guy. But if I were to have kids, I’m not sure what I would call them. Knowing me, I'd name them after my favourite literary characters :D

25. deleted


5 people to tag (Everybody should do this! It’s a great procrastination tool… tested and proven courtesy of me):

Madeleine Rex from Wordbird

AJ from Collections
Aly from Fantasy 4 Eva
Khy from Frenetic Reader
Kris from Voracious YAppetite
(and a bonus one for good luck): Linna from 21 Pages

Okay, did anyone manage to get through all that? I had tons of fun writing it and procrastinating even more. And if you did your own "25 random things" post, make sure to leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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Kit (Ghosts Of The Still)


    Oh my god. That Twilight picture cracked me up. :D
    Thank you, you just made my year. XD

  2. Nice picture :D
    I love Melina Marchetta! Her book, Saving Francesca, is AMAZING!

  3. I'm with you on Brad Paisley and "Hey there delilah"!

    And I totally take my sleep seriously, too. It's important stuff!

    Fun list. :)

  4. Haha! Love the Jacob pedophile pic. You're lucky your teachers don't do Shakespeare, I personally can't stand his writing. That Old Spice is full of win, it puts a smile on my face every time I see it.
    Thanks for sharing, Audrey! :D Also, for girl names I love your name!!! I also really like Ava. :P

  5. Awesomesauce is one of my new favorite words too! Oh, and I'm a crier. You're lucky you're not. I cry about everything. lol

  6. Thank you for choosing me hun yay!! as soon as i start posting again, *might be after a few days* ill be sure to take part :)

  7. Wow, this post is so infinitely coolsauce :)

    Ditto for #9, 10, 11(zomg Jellicoe + Book Thief + HP is like, book heaven), 13, 14 (well, we just did Hamlet this semester, but before that we would watching movie versions instead & pretend we actually read, lawl), 16, 17, and 19.


  8. I'm always recommending Melina Marchetta as well! LOL @ Twilight parodies. That Old Spice commerical is just awesome. >:D

    And now I have something to post in my blog! lol Thanks for taggin' me. XD

  9. Alice- Every time I think about it I giggle a bit :P hahaha, thanks!!

    Kirthi- hehe, isn't it awesome? and YES! MM is such an amazing author!!

    Janet- Yepp, Brad Paisley songs are great. Cute or thoughtful, I love them all! Haha, sleep is very important I agree

    Adriana- I'm happy about it too, I know I would be so lost if we studied it. Old Spice! Yeah baby! And thanks! Your name so smooth too, if you know what I mean. Ava.. hmm maybe :P

    Kelly- Aww, my friends are all criers too! And they seek out sad movies for a sob-fest :P... I just sit there... haha

    Aly- Can't wait to see your list!

    Natalie- Yeah, I agree, thank you so much for the tag! OMG, Jellicoe is soooooo amazing. MM is a god, I swear :P Happy Birthday girl! thanks for the comment

    Choco- haha, thanks ;) I must say you have an incredibly good taste in books!!

    AJ- she's the best :) and I am such a parody junkie, anything that keeps me laughing. And teh Old Spice commerical... I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw it! Can't wait to see your list!

    And to everyone, thanks for the wonderful comments! You guys make me smile :D

  10. Omgah, I'm also the worst procrastinator to walk the earth. Exam week is next week, too, and I'm still lounging about writing posts up for the blog! What am I thinking?! I'm probably going to procrastinate before writing up my post; thanks for the tag ;D

    LMAO those Twilight parodies were pure gold. And, ugh, choosing universities... that's a decision I'm definitely not looking forward to. (And gotta agree again, I chose all sciences for next year and I'm not... a fan of sciences. Eek!).

  11. OMG I don't think I could come up with 25 randomly interesting things about me. I'm quite a bore. Love 1, 13, 17, and 22! 22 is, like, total *awesomesauce*. ;-) Love Brad P., not a huge fan of MJ's constant tweeting, or JG & HG's vlogs. I am a fan of procrastination, though!! And I cry all the time! *so sad*

  12. ^__^ I love reading about other ppl! and I'm now doing this because its fun! and I don't have much else to do atm anyway XD

    so keep watching my blog for when I update

  13. Linna- JOIN THE CLUB! haha, look at me... the next two days I have 2 huge tests and I'm... blogging. And I just love parodies :D I know! uni just seems so.. scary, and boo sciences! (chem and bio test, ughhh)

    Kris- haha, I'm sure you could! and it would totally be awesomesauce! Not a vlogbrother fan? :( it's okay though, 'cause you like procrastination! I wish I could cry on command...

    Kit- loved your list! thanks for posting it, I linked you :)

  14. Oh my gosh, this post went to my spam. My SPAM. So incredibly, hurtfully not cool, gmail. Shame on you. Go sit in the corner with your DUNCE cap!

    And then you tagged me. And it's been almost a month. I am so sorry! Love the post, though!


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