Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dun dun dunnn.... I'll just cut to the chase and then ramble.. I do some serious rambling....

The winner of Spirit Bound and The Demon's Covenant, shipped courtesy of TheBookDepository is...*drumroll*

Entry #302, Entrant #94...


Congrats!! I have emailed you (like a minute before I posted this), please respond withing 3 days with your address :)

I had a total of 155 unique entrants, and 506 total entries. Adding the bonus ones for commenting on my contest, there was 568 entries! Wow!! Thank you all for making this contest such a success.

So, voici la processe: chose the lucky entry number.

I cross-referenced it with my Excel spreadsheet. I just matched the row number with the entrant, and assigned how many entries the person had. With some easy Excel-formulas, I could just add the number of entries (like 2) to the gradually total number of entries.

As you can see, entrant #94 on my Google Docs spreadsheet won. So congrats, Janice!

And don't worry, I made sure your bonus entries were counted :) [this isn't all of them, just a snapshot]

So again, thank you ALL for entering, I will definitely be holding another contest of a book I'm dyng to read, or just want everybody to read in the future :)
-- And my blogoversary is in June (I won't be holding a huge contest spree, but maybe a simple one) so stay tuned! --

And if you're curious, remember my question I had on my form? "What's your favourite word?" I had so many funny, thoughtful, and unique answers.

Common ones were: book, yes, love, awesome, amazing, hope, words, faith, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and to my surprise, dude.

But my favourites? (I'll keep this anonymous, but if you wanna claim the word as yours, feel free xp)

SEX!! (not kidding, I laughed at this)
Friday! (yes, I agree)
Holiday Hams! (haha)

My own favorite? I know I stole this from Melina Marchetta, but honestly, after I read that part in the book, I was nodding along. Two words actually, solace and belong.

Oh, and 90/155 people voted "yes" for extra entries, thats about 58%. So I'm going to keep the extra entries the way they are (eg: only need to follow, or link anywhere). I hope you're okay with that :) I did raise my eyebrow when people with 8 or so entries voted "no" and people with 1 entry voted "yes". Huh, just a though.


  1. Congratulations to Janice R. and congrats to you on the big success of your giveaway! It was fun, can't wait for the next one! :-)

  2. Congrats to Janice!!

    And so thorough on the contest. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Congratulations to the winner :)

  4. Great post, and congrats to winner! :D

    Awesome, I see my word! XD
    Ooh I like the word solace too. And golden and honey. Because of Melina Marchetta. X)

  5. Congrats, Janice! Happy reading!


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*