Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Thoughts On: TV Season Finales

Okay, it is seriously, no joke, 12:40 1:20 in the morning but I was just struck by a sudden stroke of inspirational lightning to post about one of my absolute favourite delights in life... TV. You heard right. TV

So this post is going to be about my thoughts on the Season Finales for various TV shows I watch (which trust me, is a ton). I know some of you are fellow TV fans, but other just like to stick with books ;)

Anyhow, the shows I will be mentioning are (if you notice, they're in the order of days-of-the-week... haha):

-One Tree Hill
-Gossip Girl
-American Idol
-Criminal Minds
-The Mentalist
-Greys Anatomy
-Brothers & Sisters

^^Are any of those shows your favourite? Want to share sqees/rants? Read on!

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT for the above shows! (because I'm discussing finales, it's kind of inevitable, right?)

One Tree Hill season 7
-The very last scene with Quinn and Clay? OMG jaw-dropping (the first of many during the finale-weeks) I loved it!
-Bethany Joy Galleti (Haley) is an amazing actress
-I know, I'm being really mean and just generally disagreeable but I wish Jamie didn't have so many "witty" lines because it just comes out sounding forced (albeit cute)

Gossip Girl season 3
-The very last scene with Chuck... OMG OMG OMG! Noooooo!!
-I thought up until then, the whole finale was so-so, but the last 5 minutes... oh boy.
-Chuck and Blair <3

24 season 8
-This is one of my favourite shows ever! And this was the series finale, not just the season... awh no more Jack :(
-I thought the ending was so-so, poor Jack never really gets to be happy
-I especially liked the Chloe/Jack scene at the end, the two of them's relationship is really unique
-Chloe > Janice (season 7) jsyk
-Can't wait for the movie!

Castle season 2
-Garrr, just when Beckett was about to spill her guts to Castle... stupid Castle goes and invites his supid ex-wife to his summer house! Grrrrr :(
-Can I just say that I love Castle's daughter Alexis? (in a non-creepy way) I just think she adds a ton of spark and affection to the show

American Idol season 9
-Won't lie, I was a Lee supporter from the moment he did "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol, and everyone else was doing like 80's hits for the Top 24 week
-LEE DEWYZE IS UNREAL <3 style="font-weight: bold;">Criminal Minds season 5
-Nooooo!! Oh Derek Morgan, I do feel bad for you :(
-I have a feeling I know what's going to happen next season with a whole Morgan storyline feeling guilty
-There should have been more Reid! I love Reid! --> that's him! So cute ;)
-I have no idea where the writers get such amazing ideas from, seriously. Episode itself was a bit above average
-Side note: has anyone seen the CM 100th episode? With the Reaper and Hotch? OMG twitter me or email me or something, I wanna talk about it :P

The Mentalist season 2
-Okay, I LOVE Red John episodes, they're the best!
-I thought the ending, with the whole '2 days later' was confusing and just out of whack. I understand they want to build suspense and mystery and keep you guessing, but it could have been handled better.
-Jane... you make my life sometimes.
-Kristina... oh I have my theories :P I think she's working with Red John
-Why hasn't Van Pelt and Rigsby gotten back together yet? :'(... oh yea, stupid Hightower

Grey's Anatomy season 7
-OMG you don't even understand how trhilling this episode was for me. My heart was pumping so fast and I kept texting my friend frantically, "Who is the shooter????" because I haven't followed Greys for a while
-Miranda Bailey is such a powerful character, the actress who plays her seriously deserves an Emmy or something. Ahe was amazing.
-I felt so bad for so many people! Especially the guy from Mercy West who died with Bailey, that part almost had me crying. almost
-I do wish there could have been more character deaths (don't hate me!) I think it could have added a ton more drama and general plot to the next season
-I like Owen :) and Christina :)

Bones season 5
-boooo this one I disliked.
-Brennan and Booth need to get together!! Haha, I know, I know, the sexual tension just makes the show better but come on, it's been 5 seasons.
-Ending was laaamee :(

Brothers & Sisters season 4
-Ooh, there are just so many storylines for this one. Poor Robert... and Kitty
-I wish Justin and Rebecca can patch things up
-Norah can get on my nerves but deep down I think she's amazing
-Oh Saul. Oh Saul :(
-I'm not a fan of Luc/Sarah, just sayin'
-I like Holly. Go ahead, sue me. I think she's cool and supportive.
-I love Scotty though ;) and Kevin, the two are so adorable together.


One thing I love talking about just as much as books are TV shows, so please, send me a tweet or email so we can talk about them!! I don't bite, but I do rant and rave :D

Also, what are some of your favourite TV shows?? I want to know!


  1. I watch OTH even though it's not so good anymore. I was really hoping this would be the last season, but oh well. I feel bad, but I laughed at the ending it was just too much. And I can't stand Jamie. Hopefully, the final season is better.

    Criminal Minds was really good. I'm looking forward to next season and having more Derek Morgan. The Reaper/Hotch episode is definitely an unforgettable one.

  2. Ugg The Mentalist season finale annoyed me. You get all hyped up for Red John and he is only there for like 10 minutes at the end. Lame.

    Criminal Minds made me sad too. They did need to have more Reid. :)

    And I wanted to punch Castle at the end of...well Castle. Stupid stupid man. Grrrrr.

  3. Adriana- I agree, OTH kinda sucks but I still watch it :P maybe its the overload of pretty people. By the time it was almost over, I thought it was completely lame until.. finally! Something interesting happens :) Yes on your comment about Jamie too :P
    And there's never anything wrong with more Morgan ;)

    Kim- Yeah, but I kinda liked the way they introduced him, with the whole copycat thing. I know what you mean though.
    Yess, more REID! :D
    And omg YES! Castle, that stupid butthead :P

  4. Oh my, I'm afraid even though I've seen most of these advertised on Sky television, I haven't watched them!

    CJ xx

  5. I love Criminal Minds!

    I think you're right, it was a Reid light episode, but hopefully we'll see more of him next season, since he hurt his leg at the beginning of this one :( Do you follow Matthew Gray Gruber on twitter? He's pretty hilarious.

    I thought the finale was kind of lackluster compared to other episodes this season. It's been pretty intense, especially with all of the reaper stuff and the 100th episode (OMFG).

    but yeah, love criminal minds (and gossip girl, but i'm a few episodes behind!)

  6. There are no shows I've been watching. LOL. I don't know why, but I don't watch TV much any more.

  7. Crystal- you're missing out on some awesome TV ;) haha, I'm jk a bunch of my friends don't watch a lot of TV either *gasp*

    Letter4no1- MGG is SO FUNNY! Gublernation ftw!! :P I agree, lackluster is the right word, but it's hard to top 100. CM ftw :D

    Kelley- aww, I guess TV isn't for everyone, haha. You probably spend your time much better than i do!

  8. The Castle finale was so frustrating! Definitely an "Argh!!" moment right at the end. I totally agree with you about Alexis. As much as I enjoy Castle & Beckett's banter, the scenes in which Castle interacts with his daughter are always my absolute favorites. They are such an adorable dad & daughter pair. And I really want that actress, Molly Quinn, to play Clary in a Mortal Instruments movie someday. :)

  9. I don't watch any of these. I used to love 24 but I thought this series wasn't as good. I do LOVE Lost (baffling but wonderful end) Chuck (so adorable) Modern Family (best thing on TV) and 30 Rock and if course GLEE!!!

    I also just discovered Supernatural on Netflicks and love it!

  10. YOu're right, AI needs a revamp! Maybe they'll try some new things next year. I like ALexis's character on castle too :) ANd Castle's mom, heehee.

  11. Violet- I know!! And you're completely right about the Castle/Alexis thing :) I love how they have like swordfights and laser tag and stuff, adorable! I've only read City of Bones, but now you mention it, I think she'd fit really well!

    Alexa- I'm always telling myself to get around to watching Lost! But I think I can't handle any more TV ;) I've heard amazing things about Modern Family, I think I'll be watching that.. and Glee is awesome! Haha, it just wasnt a finale so I couldn't talk about it :P

    Carrie- Yeah, I hope they do! And hehe, I love his mom. she's hilarious!

  12. omg i feel like such a dope i don't watch any of those , well i used to watch gossip girl but then i lost track of what was going on and i dunno all the friends are always getting of with each other just gets kinda old, i love smallville although i haven't watched that also in ages, but the shows i have been keeping up with are vampire diaries and Heroes!! which are both amazing but unfortunately both shows seasons have finished meh :D

  13. Castle just recently topped Bones as my favorite show! Castle just makes me so incredibly happy. I understood why they couldn't have Beckett spilling her guts (way too soon, TV-wise), but I hated the ex-wife twist. It seemed extremely fake and stupid. ;D (And by the way, that was the second season of Castle.)

    I was actually satisfied with the Bones finale! They have to get together in the next season because people are getting sick of it! Lol. I liked how content and simple it was, although I usually like the crimes in season finales to be a bit juicier. :D I'm interested in seeing how everyone comes back together in season 6.

    I watched Grey's, too. My mom's been watching it from the start, and I jumped in every once in a while (it used to be way dirtier). I did watch most of this season, though, and LOVED the finale!

    Do you watch Chuck?

  14. I love Gossip Girl and am always rooting for Blair and Chuck to be together. The same goes for Dan and Serena though they do have a complicated relationship since their parents want to be involved too!

    My other favourite shows are Ugly Betty and Pushing Daisies...too bad Pushing Daisies was discontinued after two seasons!

  15. Aly- I watched Heroes the first season, but then trailed off. I actually quit Gossip Girl for the majority of this season, and only came back because of the Chuck/Blair thing (which is irrelevant because you don't watch it, haha) Anyways, it is kind of disappointing when such good seasons have meh endings.

    Madeleine- My friend got me into watching Castle, and I love it! You're right, you can't help but smile as your watching it. And oopsies, I'm changing that right now!!
    Haha, I always say I want them to get together, but secretly the sexual tension makes the show amazing :) Your right, juicier crimes=yes. And I can't wait for season 6!

    Josette- haha, yes on both counts. I wont be afraid to admit it, still want Dan/Serena, despite the fact it is overly creepy and they share a brother... I haven't seen the other two shows you mentioned :(

    And to all of you, thanks for talking TV with me ;) I love it!


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