Monday, May 3, 2010

Movie Thoughts: Avatar

About time I saw this movie, right? My friend had actually bought the DVD a few days ago, so a girls night with action movies seems like the best way to spend an evening. And there was cookie dough, which just made it ten times more awesome.

If you're unfamiliar with my "Movie Thoughts" shindig, I usually just have a very informal review of it, and a tiny summary. And inspired by my recent change in structure for my book reviews, I shall incorporate that into movie reviews as well.

My Expectations
: uhm.... I don't even think I'm going to answer this. Over 2 billion dollars grossed, everybody's favourite movie EVAR... yeah, I think you get the picture. However, I thought I would be the weird one who disliked it.

Delivery: fell short of the hype, but don't worry. It was just a small fall.

Avatar is about an alien planet Pandora in 2154 where the Na'vi live, and humans (being the greedy and terrible people they are portrayed) want to mine the rich minerals in Pandora-land. They send in a human-in-a-Na'vi-body to "learn" stuff and whatnot, but really to spy. La-di-da, you can probably guess that the spy has a change-of-heart, then chaos ensues! Bam, exposions, CGI seizure.

I really liked this movie, but I didn't love it. It was above average for me. As most of you have probably dedcuced, the graphics were ah-mazing. Pandora felt so realistic, along with all the weird animals and Na'vi. Althought sometimes I got a bit annoyed by the excessive glow in the dark plants and stuff, it was overall a masterpiece of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery); it kind of makes me regret not watching it in 3-D when it first came out. I was especially impressed with the Na'vi and the setting.

Why didn't I watch it earlier? I didn't want to be a hype-person, didn't want to do what everyone was doing. I didn't think I would like it very much.

Plot-wise, it was average. But then again, most plots are somewhat average these days. Avatar was predictable, could be cheesy, and really there wasn't that many surprises apart from how willing director James Cameron seemed to be for killing off characters.

The acting wasn't that amazing, I felt disoriented with the Na'vi speak, and some of the human acting felt forced. Overall, I wished I liked the movie more.

Popcorn Review: Watch it for the graphics, they will blow your mind, don't nitpick, just let yourself get swept away.

Rating: 8.8/10 where 10 is LOTR and 7.5 is Julie and Julia.

Have you seen it? Did you love it? And personally, I thought The Hurt Locker deserved the Oscar now that I've seen both movies.


  1. Great movie in theaters but I don't know if I would love it on my TV. The story line was so... Pocahontas. I agree it is worth watching though, good review!

  2. I have no urge to see this. It just looks so special effects (although brilliant in that dept) driven I don't typically like the big blockbuster movies...I might watch it on blu ray....we'll see :-)

  3. Audrey, any comfort...I just watched it last weekend. Yeah, I agree; fell short of the hype. Is hype always a good thing?? Shrug. I did like the story and the graphics were great!!

  4. yeah i think you'd have to watch it in 3d and in cinema to really get the full experience,nice review, PS Audrey i emailed you let me know if you got it :)

  5. Everytime I asked someone what this movie was about I got a different answer, the previews never really explained anything and I really didn't want to see it. A friend let me borrow her DVD over the weekend and Well, I just didn't see what the big hype was about this movie. I do agree it was probably way cooler in 3d at the theater, but other than that I just didn't see it. It wasn't a horrible movie but it just wasn't great either.

  6. Me again! I have a blog award for you here:
    Love love love your blog!

  7. I watched the film and really liked it, but I don't really like the whole I-do-special-effects-whereas-I-could-film-it-in-a-real-forest...

    Kills the whole environmental message to me...

  8. Haha, I still must watch this. But yay for glow in the dark plants! And I've heard that this is more of an amazing effects movie versus plot. But, eh, I love my shiny things so I'll still watch it. :)

  9. Wonderful post Audrey! My friend had been talking about this movie for weeks. She really loved it!

    And I have an award for you:

  10. Jeff- I know what you mean, pocahontas with mega CGI; sometimes I wish I watched it in theatres but the TVs okay for me, I guess.

    Karen- Yeah, I didn't watch HP6 until it came out! I know what you mean by staying away from blockbusters, tons of them don't meet my expectations :(
    And thank you SO MUCH for the award!! :D

    Salarsen-yeah, I didn't think I would love it going in and I didnt. Too much hype just doesn't work for me.

    blue- after I watched the movie, I did think a 3-D experience would have been better!

    ladystorm- I completely agree :) I heard they're rerelasing Avatar in theatres over the summer, know anything about that? Either way, I still don't think I'd dish out money to watch it again.

    Caroline- haha, that's true. I'm glad you liked the movie though :)

    Jenn- lol, it was like a neon party or something, so much glowing plants. Hope you like it!

    Precious- thank you thank you thank you!! =D

    --and to everybody, thanks for the great comments, I love reading and responding to them :) xoxo

  11. Well, it didn't fall too short. :) Glad to see you enjoyed the movie.

    We went to see the movie and really enjoyed it. My husband, who thought our son and I where crazy for taking him to see it (he's not much of a scifi or fantasy person), really enjoyed the movie as a whole, and there was action for him too. I have to agree with many that the plot was not wholly original. BUT I am one to believe in the delivery not the plot alone, and the world creating was AMAZING. Over all we enjoyed the movie a great deal. I would have to give it a 9 out of 10. :)


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