Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's 3 Couples (6)

Wednesday's 3 Couples is a post/meme I created to help me regulate posts. It is biweekly, and usually has a theme! It lets me share my love of YA lit couples with others.

Aahh, and I had a much better one planned this week but it's 12:30am Wednesday morning, and I haven't even gotten around to this, so this one is kinda... half-assed. I just didn't want to go another day without posting because I'm stressing about a math test, reviewing, and trying to stay away from the TV!!!

**This post includes minor SPOILERS for: Vampire Academy series, Jellicoe Road, and Scarlett Fever**

This week's theme: I WISH
This one's kind of vague (and thought up on the spot) and it just means couples I wished were together. This can mean that in the book, it is hinted (but never concrete), or just two characters I thought would go fabulously together but never really..couple-lized. It can also be from a incomplete series.

In no particular order:

1. Rose and Adrian - Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

-Okay, I know I am in in the minority here, but I really really liked Adrian in Blood Promise (Dimitri, not so much... I wonder why? lol)
-I think that Adrian changed for Rose, and can continue to change for the better
**And I know probably by the end of Spirit Bound, I'm back on Team Dimitri, haha

2. Raffy and Chaz - On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

-Uhm, first, it's Melina Marchetta... all her books rule (and this is apparently completely unrelated)
-both are amazing friends to Taylor and Griggs, and are wickedly good supporting characters.
-It's hinted at, and I could see the lingering ex-ish-best-friendship between the two, they have awesome chemistry
-Ben put it the best: (said to Chaz after he sees Raffy talking with some guys)
"You should be worried," Ben says. "Because you're going out with that chick and Raff will go out with some guy and you'll spend the whole time with this 'thing' hovering between you, and then you'll get married ot other people and one day when you're middle aged in your thirties, while both your kids are going to the same school, you're going to have this affair because of all the pent-up attraction and ruin the lives of everyone in the P and F."

3. Scarlett and Max - Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson

-I'm Team Max! I just think he's completely made of awesome, and is nice but kind of not-nice, if you get what I mean. I healthy combination of both, I think
-I don't like Eric because he's a cheater and I generally don't like cheaters.
-Max is a musician, and is awesome at piano... sweet
-They both have curly hair!! cute :)

So what do you think? Any books that have some minor characters that you think would just go awesome together? Or how about some couples that you just wish would finally get together!! (I'm thinking of Booth and Brennan from Bones... anyone watch that TV show?)

Next time's theme.... KICK ASS
Stay tuned!

Oh, and before I forget, I just wanted to recommend you ALL to read this post by Steph Su (if you haven't already, it's really circling the blogosphere lately.) What's Missing in YA Contemporary Lit? It's fantastic!


  1. I've been meaning to check out Jellicoe Road. Sounds good. :)

  2. Haven't read the other two yet, but I'm totally with you on Vampire Academy. Dimitri was...ok, I guess. I didn't dislike him, but I was never all that into him either. I loved the character of Adrian though! :)

  3. I had to skip this post since I haven't read any of the books you mentioned yet. Grr.

  4. I totally agree on VA! I love Dimitri, and Adrian kind of frustrates me but for some reason I love him anyway.


  5. This is another great meme. I also like your review on Before I fall.

    You also have an award:

  6. No, No, you are NOT in the minority! I'm totally for Rose and Adrian hooking up :)

    Dimitri, well, I used to like him, bbbut I didn't like how he treated Rose when she found him in Russia, he used her like mad, yeah, yeah, he is Strigoi, but I'm over him ... Adrian totally changed for Rose, and is willing to work hard to get her.

  7. Bookie- YES! Read it :D

    Natalie- Wow, I'm actually surprised some of you are agreeing with me! I expected backlash and *dimitri*love*, haha :) I loved Adrian in blood promise

    Dwayne- aww, I do recommend all of these books though :)

    Khy- Woot! another Adrian fan? :D makes me smile. and yes.. TEAM MAX FTW

    Book Quoter- thank you so so so much!! *hugs*

    Bella- I know, in blood promise I was like, Rose... choose Adrian! :P I'm glad you agree :)

  8. Even thoough you said it's half-assed I enjoyed this list. I agree with you on Adrian and rose but i love dimitri so it just confuses me.
    Its been a while since Jellicoe but I loved it in general and think I agree with you.


  9. Seahn- YAY! Another Team Adrian :) I adored Jellicoe, it's one of my all-time favourite books.


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