Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Thoughts On: dramatic Relationships

First off, I was gonna write a movie week wrap-up post but never got around to it. It should be out later this week though, but I just wanted to update something!

I’ve noticed something weird (at least, I think it is. You guys tell me if I’m wrong..) about myself when watching the occasional episode of Gossip Girl. Okay, okay, don’t judge me. It was one episode after “quitting” the current season. It was the episode on April 5, where Blair and Chuck supposedly broke up because Chuck was being a douche. And when watching this, it made me happier and generally more interested.

Why do I always want something to go wrong in a relationship (in non-real life, I mean)? I dislike relationships that coast along with a couple bumps. I want a fight, I want screaming, slapping, and a huge break up with lots of drama. Then (of course) the couple will get back together. Is this kind of twisted? I love it when a relationship takes a wrong turn, and someone does something terribly wrong (though I don’t like it if one of them cheats) and it all blows up.

Even when I’m reading, and there is a romance sub-plot, it’s as if I’m just waiting for stuff to fall apart. I think I’m a true believer of the Marilyn Monroe quote, “Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.” I seriously apply this quote to everything…it’s kind of odd.

For example:

  • Going too Far. The freak out? Loved it. The getting back together? even better.
  • Basically every Dessen book: Couple breaks up? Oooh, this is interesting. Back together? Too cute!
  • The Ask and the Answer: the climax? So. Good. (like the part where Viola is prisoner) Aftermath? So. So. Good.
  • Vampire Academy: Climax of Shadow Kiss, yay or nay? A bit of both. But this just sets up for a more amazing and mysterious ending.
Other example:

  • Glee. Did I want something bad to happen to Quinn and Puck? Mmhmm. Do I want them back together sometime in the distant future after tons of tension? Yep.

--I will add that this usually only applies to books more romance-centered (like Going too Far). If it’s all action, I’m usually satisfied with the happy romance presented.

It’s just this part of me that just consistently wants something to go wrong and add to the drama, and let me tell you, in real life, I am so anti-drama it’s not even funny. Maybe books are the ways I satisfy my sadistic desire for drama =p


What do you think? Do you like relationships that are generally all happy and smooth? Or do you like it to blow up only to piece back together better than before? Or would you prefer one with just a few bumps in the road?


  1. no that's completely normal i mean if a relashionsip was alays smooth and happy happy, it would be quite boring right, and in all the great book romances we have grown to love, if they were all soppy all the time itd be meh who wants that, not in a book or movie thats for sure because we like drama and suspense and bickering buecause that makes things interesting, the sexual tension, the arguing them hating each other when you can tell there so into each other, all leads to the good or not so good ending, get what i mean?

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