Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"movies In My brain": Tearjerkers!

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Today's post will be on tearjerker movies. It will include honorable mentions that left my eyes kind of watery but nothing major. Then some movies that made my eyes waterfalls! And I just want to say that I am NOT a crier. I only rarely tear up from books, and rarely in movies. And like never in real life. So these movies must be sad.

Disclaimer: my opinions only! And I haven't seen every movie out there, nor do I have the memory of an elephant so I will only list movies I remember! Also, I might tell you which parts I cried in, so THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!

Honorable mentions:

The Green Mile
-I know, I was surprised too. Not usually a huge fan of Tom Hanks (don't kill me!) but when that miracle worker big guy got electrocuted...maybe a bit of blurred vision.

The Notebook
-Okay, so a bunch of my friends say they bawl every time they see this movie, but I guess not me. I didn't cry when Noah left, or when Ally was chose Noah over Lon, but I did cry in the end when Noah went to find Ally in the hospital and they both died peacefully in each other's arms. So... perfectly sad.

The Time Traveler's Wife
-I adore Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana, but when Henry was nearing death, and especially when he meets his time-traveling daughter, I was pretty teary. The movie wasn't anything amazing, but still worth watching.

PS- I Love You

-Do I really need to say anything? Throughout the whole movie, I was near tears. I have to admit though, I didn't actually cry. It was such a warm, fun, sad, but uplifting movie. I mean, you can tell just from the description that tissues are a requirement.

The Hurt Locker
-Weird choice, I know. It's definitely not the sappy romance with a long lost/dead love. There was just this one scene at the end of the movie, where the main character just didn't have enough time to disarm a bomb. And he keeps saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and I just felt so bad.

Okay, now to the
actual tearjerkers...

A Walk to Remember
-I have a feeling I should stay away from movies based on Nicholas Sparks' books, because for those who read his books, you know what type of gut-wrenching twists he has... I just loved this movie. My mom thinks it's cheesy and lame, but hey! I'm cheesy and lame =P
-I was pretty much crying when Jamie's death loomed closer and Landon was doing all that stuff for her... *sniff

Marley and Me
-Okay, for those who watched the movie, if you didn't cry you are crazy!! When Marley is sick and then when he died, I was crying and so were all my friends and everyone in the theatre. Amazing acting, and I have a soft spot for dogs.

My Sister's Keeper
-Countless, and I mean countless times I was crying, I had to pause the movie and get more tissues! It didn't matter if it was a flashback, it was a moving scene, a fight, or just one of those 'moments' I just ended up with tears rolling down my face. I swear, probably the saddest movie I've ever seen. Of course, maybe the fact that I watched it at 1 in the morning with a carton of ice-cream doesn't help ;) *applauds Abigail Breslin and Cameron Diaz*


So what are movies that made you cry? Leave a comment telling me! And if you write a post of your own tearjerkers, I'll make sure to link it to my intro post!!


  1. I cry easily :'( so tend to stay away from the tearjerkers. However, Titanic made me cry so hard (though that was a long time ago). And another popular tearjerker is Grave of the Fireflies (which I haven't watched). Anyway, I enjoyed your post! Keep 'em coming! =)

  2. Great post! Just like Elle I tend to stay away from tearjerkers, since I'm so emotional and cry during most movies I watch. I cry from sadness, I cry from happiness - I'm a cryer! ;)

  3. Elle- Aww, I know what you mean! Most of my family (well, the ladies) are emotional too! I try to stay away from the super sappy movies, but some movies I just can't miss.
    And I watched Titanic when I was really young, so I guess I would have cried had I been older. It was a sad movie though. I've never heard of Grave of the Fireflies, but if it's sad, I might stay away.

    YA Vampire Books- I know some people that are really emotional too :) you're not alone. I don't go out seeking for tearjerkers, (I never knew about Marley, and I wanted to watch MSK because of the book!) Sometimes I'm completely caught by surprise and up bawling, but I like those movies!

  4. Yeah I haven't watched or read My Sisters Keeper because I don't want to CRY..LOL Though everyone keeps telling me I really need to, I like but hate tearjearker movies a the same time..lol

    Great post on movies!

  5. ladystorm- haha, that is *very* good reasoning! One of my friends actually seek out movies that will make her cry, it's so cute :P I know what you mean by loving/hating tearjerkers, for me it usually depends on my mood.
    thank you for commenting!

  6. I cry at everything! haha
    But from your list I have cried at The Notebook, The Time Traveler's Wife, A Walk to Remember, and probably most of all P.S. I Love You. I don't think I cried at Marley & Me, and I haven't seen The Green Mile or The Hurt Locker

  7. Elisabeth- you're not the only one! lol. And those movies were sad! thanks for commenting :)

  8. OMG, Marley and Me DESTROYED me!
    Time Traveller's Wife and My Sister's Keeper did too of course but that Marley...


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