Thursday, April 8, 2010

"movies In My brain": Almost There!

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I recently watched the very Disney (I hope you know what I mean by "Very Disney") movie, The Princess and the Frog, and I just loved the song Tiana, the main character, sang at the beginning. I read somewhere on a blog--I'm so sorry, I don't remember the link--[EDIT 4/8]- The lovely Mandy so nicely left me a link to where this post is. Go HERE to check out the Disney-song post! The blogger brought up a very interesting point. It was about how in Disney films, they have a single song that basically defines the main character.

Well, for the Princess and the Frog, the song is called "Almost There", which is so fitting, catchy, and wonderfully upbeat. I've embedded a video of the song only, but I will also include a link (HERE) where you can see the actual clip from the film which they didn't let me embed. It actually got an Oscar nomination!

Enjoy! I hope you like it :)

PS - What are your favourite Disney songs? Leave a comment telling me :)


  1. I wan't to see this movie so bad. I didn't get a chance to go in the movie theatre, so maybe I'll rent it from Red Box.

  2. I remember that post, wait let me find the link.
    Here it is:
    I love the posts like that that they do! (:

  3. I loved The Princess and the Frog-so glad that Disney returned to 2d animation.

    My favorite Disney song is I Won't Say (I'm In Love) from Hercules. I am semi-obsessed with Susan Egan because of that and it is my favorite Disney animated film because I think it has some of the best songs ever written-they're so peppy and fun!

  4. I liked The Princes and the Frog because it was like you said very Disney. They went back and made a movie that was classic Disney.

    My favorite of this movie was Raymond the lightning bug..cutest cajun bug I ever

    Okay I am a huge Cinderella fan and I love The Work Song that the mice sing.

  5. Morgan- I would recommend it! It leaves you feeling all happy inside =D

    Mandy- Thank you! I linked it, you are awesome!

    Stephanie- I haven't seen Hercules berfore :( but just the song title makes it sound really good. I'll have to check it out!

    ladystorm- yeah, I enjoyed it a ton! Raymond was awesome! So cute (but then at the end I was sad...) I remember the Work Song! It was so catchy :) And Cinderella is a classic!

  6. Loved this movie - goes beyond the question of race (including animals, of course) and it was totally hilarious! :D


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