Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's 3 Couples (4)

Wednesday's 3 Couples is a post/meme I created for myself to help me regulate posts. It is biweekly, and usually has a theme! It lets me share my love of YA lit couples with others.

This week's theme: blechhhh (as in, annoying and just generally unpleasant to read about)
And although Twilight would probably take the cake, I'll leave it off this one.

*Spoilers may be included!!*

1. Grace and Sam (Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater)
-Um, this one might bring some "awwes" from other people, but I find it unrealistic and slightly creepy. For one, Grace immediately loves Sam...after obsessing over him when he was a wolf. The relationship was syrupy and just too fast.
-Read my opinion on this love HERE, and my review of Shiver HERE.

2. Aislinn and Keenan (Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr)
-Blech, just the thought of Keenan's arrogance and annoying tendancies to chase a girl who is clearly NOT INTERESTED is echh.
-Listen to me rant about this HERE.

3. Liz and Owen (Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin)
-This time, I just felt it was unconvincing. The relationship itself was sweet, but the writing in the book kinda made it feel more shallow and unrealistic.
-Read my review of Elsewhere HERE


Your thoughts? Any couples you just can't stand? Couples that you thought should have been on this list??? Leave your ideas in the comments!


  1. Personally i didn't finish shiver so I can't comment on the relationship but I didn't finish so I think that is an indication. I'm curious at your other choices though.


  2. bookaholic- thanks :)

    Seahn- Haha, you're one of the few that agree with me :P Honestly wouldnt recommend the other two, haha

  3. I actually liked Grace and Sam, but i am getting kinda used to the love at first sight phenomenon in YA. What happend to a good old fashioned courtship??


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