Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Presenting... movies In My brain!

Okay, so because of the somewhat small responses (thanks Ann, InABox, Stephanie and throuthehaze) on my Sunday post, I decided Why Not?, and to go ahead with this shin-dig.

First, like the title? I thought of it all by myself =p... That's what I'm calling this "Movie Week" thing instead of just movie week which is bland and a tad unoriginal, I will shamelessly self-promote my blog..so...
*drumroll please*...

holes In My brain is proud to present: "movies In My brain", a 5-day-long movie fanatic affair in which movies triumph over books! And that only occurs ONCE every 52 WEEKS!

It runs from Monday April 5 to Friday April 9, 2010 (which is next week!). Anyone is invited to join in (you don't have to participate for the whole week, just dedicate perhaps a post or two to sharing movies you love!)

Please (if you're participating) leave a link to your post about movies in the comments below, and I will try my best to add the link into this post! You don't even have to write a movie review, just share something movie-related! Favourite chick flicks? Comedies? Horror movies? Actors who are attractive? Actors who can actually act? Actresses you admire? Movies you cringe at? Quotes from movies? ANYTHING!!

Thanks, and to you movies: cherish this week. We all know books are going to win it in the end...

A huge thanks to Natalie at Mindful Musings that dedicated a post to help advertise this!! Thank you!

Now.. I present the "movies In My brain" posts from around the blogosphere!!

Please check them out and tell them how awesome they are!


  1. I love all movies by Hitchcock but one of my favorites is called Marnie. It's a psychological suspense about a thief with a tragic past.
    Also by Hitchcock, Rebecca. In my opinion, one of the best films ever.


  2. I do like the title and I LOVE the graphic, very cute!

    I shall be back with a link to a movie I love :)

  3. I think that I will try this, it sounds fun! :D

  4. Ann- those sound so cool! Psychological suspense, what's not to love??

    Alexa and Lindsay- that would be awesome!! I look forward to your posts!

  5. I'd love to participate. There aren't many movies that I think the books weren't better but there are certainly many great movies out there (and oh, yes Hitchcock's are definitely in that category). Be back next week. I'll go hunt up some links to my favorites. The funniest, the scariest, the saddest-----

  6. Lisa- thank you so much!! I really hope you have fun participating :)

  7. Great idea Aurdrey since i have a tab for my movies this is perfect lol, ive just reviewed, Pearl harbour, its long, lol becuase i seem to be only capable os ranting these days, ill try to fit in another review within 2 days or so keep it up
    Pearl Harbour Movie Review! btw thnaks for following and adding me to your blogs i stalk list, i have just added you to my blog list also! :D

  8. awesome! and isn't ranting fun? lol

  9. oh yes i love it, i write essays and essays, lol but i always have this thing, i end up writing to much, but then again i like writing in detail, and going through the plot and chacraters, but then i get the feeling maybe the long post might put readers of, kinda confusing *sigh*

  10. Here is link to one of my movie review. :D:D:D

  11. Awesome! I have added your link!

  12. Here is my link to movies that I want to watch. :D

  13. And here is a link to another movie review. :D


  14. LOVED the trailers you included! And nice movie review! Linked you! Thanks =D

  15. Hey i just reviewed Freedom Writers the movie here!


    good night everyone zzzzzzzz :)

  16. And here is another movie review of mine. :D


  17. And here is a movie post of movies news. :D


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