Monday, April 5, 2010

"movies In My brain": Movie Thoughts- The Blindside

My Thoughts (basically a movie Review):

The Blind Side is a feel-good movie, that tells a touching story with solid acting. It’s about “Big Mike” Michael Oher and his story from living on the streets and washing his 2 articles of clothing in a sink to being taken in by an upper-class, rich family. Like most feel good movies, you can see the ending from a mile away, but there are some especially moving moments in the movie. (alliteration queen, they called me)

Okay, so even though I love Sandra Bullock, her speech at the Oscars, (and I am totally on her side regarding her stupid hubby- despite staying away from celebrity gossip) and just how genuine she seems, I thought her performance while really really good, was nothing groundbreaking. You will see in my next review who I thought deserved the Best Actress Oscar. The character of Michael was also excellent, because of how he acted when he first moved in, how he acted at school, and how he interacted with the younger children. He was a big softie though, which made him really cute.

Oh, and while it is considered centred around football, you don’t really need any background knowledge. It is far more about family and love.

Popcorn Review: A feel good movie based on a true story that isn’t really worth re-watching, but with a moving story and solid acting, the two hours I spent watching it won’t be considered wasted.

Rating: 8/10

I forgot to mention (thank you ladystorm!) that this is based on a real story!


  1. would you believe I finally watched this movie on Saturday and it's been out on dvd for several days now?!? So many I know have seen this movie months ago and think I'm crazy and locked in a house with a hundred cats or something and books coming out of my ears (one cat, madame houdini; and one dog, sir obie; and 5 fish - only one I can ever remember the name to is Gandalf the White and that's because he's the albino catfish...) LOL

  2. Hi Audrey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven't seen this movie yet but I did buy the dvd this weekend! Can't wait to watch it! I've heard the same thing about Sandra Bullock being good in the movie but not groundbreaking.

  3. This review confirms what I've been thinking about this movie. I feel like I better watch it eventually, but I don't need to rush. Thanks!

  4. Stacy- haha, don't feel bad! I only watched it a few weeks ago too! Did you like it?

    Jenny- thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

    Chutzpah- Yeah, I know what you mean. I do know a few people who *loved* it though, so eventually...

  5. I have to disagree, I loved this movie and think its worthy of watching again..I thought Sandra Bullock did a amazing job, though I do know my favorite person was Michael. I think what I like most is the fact it is based on a true story, so that always makes me have a bit more warm fuzzy feeling when watching it. :)

  6. ladystorm- I completely forgot about that! I added it in now, and I agree that knowing that such an inspiring movie is "real" makes it better :)


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