Thursday, April 8, 2010

"movies In My brain": Movie Thoughts- The Hurt Locker

This was originally my very first post to the "movies In My brain" shin-dig, but I deicided I wanted to post my favourite-er posts near the end. So this is posted Thursday, and my absolute favourite (top sekret...haha, jk. I'll give you guys a hint: more songs!) will be posted tomorrow! I'm debating posting two post tomorrow, or maybe just having a wrap-up post. Anyways, without further ado... The Hurt Locker Review!

My Thoughts:

The Hurt Locker is a special blend of outstanding acting and a great plot. Special effects like explosions were nothing special (ie: nothing like LOTR), and I felt only a few characters were fleshed out. The Hurt Locker is a movie about a bomb squad in Iraq (yeah, that’s basically the movie, they go around disarming bombs, no kidding.)

The thing I admired the most would probably be the characters, because in the situations depicted in the movie, the actors pulled it off spectacularly. I would be on the edge of my seat drenched in suspense, horror, mortification, and happiness. Scenes were heartbreaking, scenes were sad, there was a specific scene at the end that was amazing. Like the whole set up and the acting was amazing (email me so I can squee about it =p).

Because of they hype surrounding it (it won the freakin Oscar for Best Picture…) I had high expectations, and it delivered. While I felt the story was patchy and a bit disjointed in a couple parts, overall, very very solid.

Popcorn Review: A moving, suspenseful, and amazing depiction of modern warfare, with heaps of brilliant acting and dashes of explosions that kept my heart racing through the entire film.

Rating: 9.5/10 – where 10 is LOTR, and 9 is (500) Days of Summer.

Have you seen this movie? Did you like it? I personally haven't seen Avatar (I know, I'm like 1 in a billion), but if you had, did you think it deserved the Oscar?

[Edit 5/9]: I've seen Avatar. This one was better :)


  1. I haven't seen The Hurt Locker, but enjoyed reading the review, and made me want to watch it!
    You asked about Avatar: I think it definitely deserved the Oscars it won! :) In 3D, the visuals were completely and utterly captivating. I also think Zoe Saldana (who plays Neytiri) should have won an oscar! :)

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  3. whoops, posted twice, deleted the second one, in case any of you are wondering! ;)

  4. Elle- I really need to watch it! i'm like the only person in my school that hasn't, haha :/

  5. Loved Hurt Locker too and I still haven't seen Avatar!


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