Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"movies In My brain": Bad Movie Quotes

movies In My brain is a week-long shin-dig hosted by me where awesome book bloggers post movie-related stuff! It runs from Apr 5-9, and ANYONE can participate. If you post a movie-related post, leave a comment and I will link it here!

For this post, I'm gonna share with you a few lines from movies that are either incredibly cheesy, awkward, or cringe-worthy that you actually feel bad for the actor/actress who has to say those words. These are, of course my own opinions and my own tastes in movies are different from yours!

Also, sorry this is such a short post. Half of these were from memory, half I had to double check!

"I'm the king of the world!" -Titanic (cheesy line. So. Cheesy.)

"This is the skin of a killer, Bella."- Twilight (blechhhh, I just threw up a little in my mouth. Fire whoever wrote this, I know Smeyer didn't.)

"You know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning? Same thing that happens to everything else." -X-men (thanks for the insight, Storm.)

"" -Jerry McGuire (okay, I don't hate this one, it's actually kind of cute. But the way he says it in the movie doesn't make it as appealing. Maybe it's just me :o)

"Hasta, la vista, baby." -Terminator 2 (*cringe*)

"Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed" - Four Weddings and a Funeral (I liked this movie a lot, so funny, but c'mon. That quote makes me shudder.)

Every line uttered by Paul Walker in The Fast and the Furious 1&2. He needs acting classes, it hurts.

Things said by Arnold Swarzenegger and the Rock, I can't take anything you guys say seriously. Plus, they try to be all macho all the time. To much testosterone.


Worst lines you've ever heard? Favourite quotes? Disagree with my post? Leave a comment and tell me! =)


  1. ha! Those are definitely terrible :)

  2. Lol -the twilight one was written by Melissa Rosenberg, I think. That one's soo Edward, but oh well.

    The Jerry McGuire one was totally cheeesssyyy!

  3. YA Vampire Books- Haha, thank you!

    throuthehaze- lol, I know :P

    Dwayne- yeah, Jerry McGuire...oh dear... thanks for stopping by!

  4. lol ok you have some good ones there but omg!! how can you diss paul walker he is just yummy damn his hotness! *sighs*

  5. lol, the only thing Paul Walker had going for him was his looks =P. His recent movies are much better, but seriously? The Fast and the Furious #1 and 2 were.. *shudder*


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