Thursday, March 18, 2010

Author Appreciation Week: Patrick Ness

Author Appreciation Week was started by the lovely Heidi R. Kling, author of the upcoming awesome novel Sea (And Sarah from Novel Novice made the awesome banner). Author Appreciation Week runs from March 15-19, and basically anyone who wants to can post about authors that they, you know, appreciate.

This one might seem odd, but I do have a mini-story behind this, which I will gladly make into bullet points because that seems like the popualr thing to do for AAW. Patrick Ness is the award-winning author of The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking trilogy, book 1 and 2). Book three, Monsters of Men, is released in May in the UK, and I believe September for US/Canada.

Personally, I've only read the first of the series, but I'm starting the second one today! And he gets this post because there are scenes in the book that are breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time, and it almost gives me shivers.

Time for the bullets---and apologies in advance if they don't make much sense. Just read it as a simplified story =p

  • Amazing author of The Knife of Never Letting Go, a thought-provoking dystopian novel :)
  • He has amazing prose, if you read his books you'll know what I'm talking about--it might not be for everyone though, but I can't recommend you try it enough!
  • His characterization, and sense of character (including dogs) is phenomenal.

  • I'm doing a Pecha Kucha (basically a power point presentation) on the Knife, I'm expanding on his opinions of information overload, and the invasion of privacy that is contextualized (omg, I love that word, haha) in the book

  • His interviews that I have recently stalked are very very insightful, thoughtful, and interesting. And they helped me out with my project so brownie points!

  • He is a man writing for YA- I hate to be sexist, but he's kinda in the minority (but with amazing John Green!! lol)
If you want, check out his interview with Publishers Weekly, YA Reads, Presenting Lenore and The Book Depository. All links link directly to the interview, not the site.

Also, visit his website HERE :)

And tell me, have you read any of his books? And which author do you think deserves to be appreciated this week! So many to choose from!


  1. What a great author to appreciate :) And I'm thrilled you enjoyed my interview with Patrick and linked to it.

  2. thanks for the awesome interview! I loved it, so insightful.


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