Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Printz Award Winners 2010

Well, earlier sometime this week (I think) the Michael L. Printz Award (awarded for excellence in Young Adult literature) were announced so...

Congrats Libba Bray! Her book, Going Bovine, was announced as the winner!

Honourable mentions went to:

Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith - by Deborah Heiligman
The Monstrumologist - by Rick Yancey
Punkzilla - by Adam Rapp
Tales of the Madman Underground: A Historical Romance 1973 - by John Barnes


So while I haven't yet read Going Bovine because I thought it might be too weird, I just can't refuse it anymore. In fact, it is on hold at the library right now! I just need to get off my fat lazy arse and go to the library to pick it up.

People sometimes complain about how winners are chosen, because the award is based on excellence in literature. I think the process is most likely fair, and the selections will probably be worthy (but I haven't read any from this year, so I can't say for sure). However, there has been a few Printz books in the past that I thought were meh, with a mediocre plot and mediocre writing. Some might say: "let the young adults choose" and then we can reply: "They already have! They chose Twilight!" and then a few people, me included, hang their head in shame. When they chose Paper Towns for the Top Ten Books 2009, I was delighted though, so it's all relative!

To be perfectly honest, despite my liking for Printz books, I doubt I will read a book other than Going Bovine, those titles (ouch, I'm basing books by their titles now?!) are just not so appealing.

My question: Have you read any books that have won the Printz award, and were they standout books or just 'meh'? Which books?


PS- might or might not add links to various sites, depends if I want to put in the effort (I'm lazy!) or have the time (and busy!)

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