Friday, January 1, 2010

expect a Drop (of?...)

Happy New Year guys!! I hope none of you guys were falling over in the streets smashed and waking up with a dreadful hangover, but if you were..uhmm..I hope you had fun?

This post is just a heads up of sorts, there will probably be a drop in the number and regularity of posts on this blog, because school is starting soon and I really have to get my head together and work hard. "This is an important year!" all my teachers say. Plus I do afterschool stuff, and have bball way too many times a week along with plenty of other excuses that I don't feel are necessary to list.

I actually started a post where I was really enthusiastic and wanted to write all the upcoming fun things I was gonna add to the blog, but realistically speaking: I doubt it will happen, so I deleted that draft. I just don't have the time, and I don't really have the drive to dedicate 10 hours a week to blogging, like some bloggers I admire (you guys are amazing, seriously!!!).

I hope you (14 followers?) understand, and I wish you guys all the best on having better and more amazing blogs in 2010.



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