Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday's 3 Couples (1)

Okay, so I've decided after a very short discussion with myself that I wanted to do something that will hopefully make me keep up with some regular posts. So, I came up with (after rereading a couple parts in various books) to write a small post about 3 couples in YA lit each week that I love/hate/have an opinion about.

This week, for celebrating week #1, I am going to do 3 Dessen couples because...let's face it, they are ususally the best!

In no particular order:

1. Remy/Dexter (This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen)
-Come on, the gangly musician with the hard-ass bitch who doesn't believe in love? This couple is so beyond perfect, and I heart Dexter.

2. Macy/Wes (The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen)
-I love the way Macy changes with Wes' help throughout the novel. It doesn't hurt that Wes is a serious heartbreaker, and is somewhat attainable, so his attractiveness is off the charts! Yes, I stole that from the book.

3. Auden/Eli (Along for the Ride - Sarah Dessen)
-I actually love the insomniac aspect of AftR, and I love the night-time adventures between this equally-adorable couple. I love Auden's character, and how she 'gets back on the bike', and like practically all of Dessen's male leads, Eli is terrific. Yes, I used the word terrific (which I'm not particularly fond of) but that's how it is. Awww. <33

What are your fave couples? There are so many to choose from that I will never run out of ideas, I can schedule posts ahead, and I can moderately maintain some sort of structure for this blog! Oh, and feel free to go ahead and copy this (not that anyone will) if you want. :D

Next week: Uniforms (can you guess what I mean?)


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