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my Thoughts On: love in Books

First, sorry for the long wait, I won't promise lots of updates in the futures, it's just that this thought came to me as I was reading, and it's about how sometimes, love in books seriously annoys me, and yes, I have my reasons.

Okay, I was reading Shiver today (I haven't finished it, so all my thoughts are relating to the firs 215 pages I have read. SPOILERS WILL BE INCLUDED)

1st thing I hate: Books that portray love ridiculously unrealistically.
Love at first sight is a total bleh. It is alright to use it as an excuse for mutual attraction because the guy and girl are no doubtly gorgeous, but seriously, when you have something like Edward falling in love with Bella after a sniff, and Grace falling in love with Sam when he's shot, it's just not like that. Okay, so Grace has loved "Sam the wolf" for years, but honestly, that's a bit creepy and a tad disturbing. I don't care about his yellow eyes, because my cat has gorgeous green eyes and I'm not unhealthily obsessed with him. He's a wolf. He's not a person, and you haven't done anything but stare at him. I'm sorry, I fail to see where the love comes from.

If not "love at first sight", how quickly the love develops.
Guys, you don't fall in love with a person in two days. I'm not even kidding, you can be physically attracted to someone, you can lust after someone, you can crush on someone, but you don't fall into the "love" you claim you do...especially after only a few days. You lie to yourself, and tell yourself you know everything about that person. How? In two days? Not to mention one in the hospital where he is taken after he's shot? I forgot to mention, you can also become obsessed with a person. Not love though. It just makes the character sound silly and immature, and I frankly don't care how greatly you describe your two-day 'vast love', it's just plain unrealistic.

If not the timing, how the female protagonist acts after "falling in love" (in a completely unrealistic time frame and unlikely situation).
The female protagonist becomes obsessed with this new found boytoy, and ignores everybody who was once important to her. How about Bella: after talking to Edward a few times, and claiming she is (completely and irrevocably) in love, she ignores all her old 'friends' who took her under their wing when she first came to school. She doesn't talk anybody much, and much prefers blowing everybody off to spend time with Edward. What about Grace? Again, she starts finding school completely useless and boring (true for almost every character in this position) compared to the time she can spend kissing Sam (I feel the physical attraction, yet where's the love?). All things important like best friends are pushed to the side, and return, she gets to kiss Sam (she never calls her 5-year+ best friends once. Not once after she meets Sam the human.) This kind of dependency annoys me because I, personally, like the strong female characters (Katsa and Katniss) who don't fall into pieces at the mere thought of their boyfriends leaving/shapeshifting. Yes, Grace bursts into tears when Sam is telling her how 'it's his last year'. More than once, I believe-feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I didn't read it as detailed as I could have.

I had a couple of friends/acquaintances who acquire boyfriends, and then act like Grace, blowing old friends off and spending every waking/sleeping moment with the boy. Wanna know a secret? After a while, these friends will stop forgiving you. They start getting annoyed. And when you break up and Facebook these friends to hang out cause you're lonely, can you guess what happens? Can you? Grace, your whole life isn't the couple months you spend with boytoy Sam. Think of the people who have always been there for you *cough*friends*cough* and maybe give them a call? I don't like how these girls throw everything away to be with the boy they just met a week ago.

And personally, I also don't feel the need to read constantly about your hopes of losing your virginity very soon. thanks, but no thanks.

Remember, all these opinions are my own, and I just kinda wanted to get them out there. I don't like how some authors (only some, very few actually!) turn their originally-likable female characters into blundering idiots "in love", and writing it not only unrealistically but annoyingly. Everybody wants to be like Grace, but have you ever thought what it would be like for Olivia and Rachel? Would you want to be those best friends that are cast aside simply because of a new beau? I have a cynical view on love, I admit it, and I'll also admit it influences me and my thoughts/opinions. And I haven't finished Shiver yet, so maybe I'm wrong in the end about Grace.

Your thoughts? I'll bet a lot of you disagree with me, so tell me!


ps- When I write the words "unrealistcally" I'm not meaning the writing style, or how well the writer is protraying every kiss, touch, feeling etc. I'm just saying the situation is unrealistic.

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