Monday, September 7, 2009

summer challenge Results & thoughts

As you may know, I set a goal for myself (post Here) in the middle of August to see if I could read 50 books between the time when school ended in June and when school starts (which is tomorrow!). Well, the results are in, and...

SORRY! I only read 47/50 books!!! I feel mildly bad, but again, I'm actually really proud of myself. I never keep track of books I read, and I writing thoughts/lists down makes me happy when I look at them :P

So... that being said, I promised I'd list every book I read over summer, but I didn't include Authors since I'm incredibly lazy. Leave a comment if you want to find out the author. I won't be linking them to my book reviews (again, laziness) but Here's a link to my book review archive. The last bunch of books on the list don't have reviews since I was LAZY!! Seems like a trend, right? Anyways, I included ratings for the last few books just to tell you how much I liked/disliked it. There are also a couple books scattered throughout that I didn't add a review (even a small semi-review post), I will star/aterisk (*) them.

Well, without further ado, I bring to you... Summer reading list!

1. Paper Towns
2. Looking for Alaska
3. An Abundance of Katherines
4. Such a Pretty Girl
5. The Hunger Games
6. Wherever Nina Lies*
7. Graceling
8. How I Live Now
9. The Summoning
10. Unwind
11. The Truth About Forever
12. The Chosen One
13. Ten Cents a Dance
14. Vampire Academy
15. Along for the Ride
16. A Thousand Splendid Suns*
17. Frostbite
18. Life As We Knew It
19. Shadow Kiss
20. Lock and Key
21. The Awakening
22. Carpe Diem
23. A Separate Peace
24. Gone
25. Broken Soup
26. Wintergirls
27. Trickster's Choice
28. Elsewhere
29. Fighting Ruben Wolfe
30. Getting the Girl
31. Skulduggery Pleasant
32. Going too Far
33. The House of the Scorpion
34. Homicide Related: A Ryan Dooley Mystery (9.3)
35. Thief (6.4) *
36. Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire
37. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (8.3)
38. Wicked Lovely (7)
39. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (9)
40. Wake (6)
41. Blood Promise (7.6)
42. Perfect Chemistry (8.5)
43. On the Jellicoe Road (9.4)
44. Maximum Ride: School's Out- Forever (9)
45. Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (9)
46. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning (5)
47. Ballads of Suburbia (9.2) *

Well, there you go, every book I read and absorbed and liked and hated this summer! I hope you check out the reviews, and I'm really sorry I only wrote tiny reviews for the last bunch of books :( Maybe one day I'll get around to actually writing a full review if they deserve it (Jellicoe Road and Ballads of Suburbia particularly, I recommend those!!)

Hope you guys read a lot over summer, what was your favourite book? Ohh, idea! LOL. Some of my favourites over summer:

Action/adventure: The Hunger Games; honourable mention: Maximum Ride #1-3
Fantasy: Graceling
Supernatural: The Summoning
Vampire: Frostbite (VA #2)
Realistic: (I have a lot!) On the Jellicoe Road, Broken Soup, Wintergirls, Looking for Alaska, most of Sarah Dessen books, Ballads of Suburbia
Futuristic: The Hunger Games, Unwind
Well Written: Wintergirls (hands down IMO), honourable mentions: On the Jellicoe Road, Looking for Alaska, Broken Soup
Mystery: Homicide Related
Humor: Skulduggery Pleasant #1
Overall: The Hunger Games; honourable metnions: Wintergirls, On the Jellicoe Road, Broken Soup, Homicide Related, Along for the Ride

Haha, I ended up with quite a few favourites, a very productive summer, I must say! Well guys, thanks for sticking with me all summer (especially during the end where I trailed of with the blogging), I hope all had wonderful summers filled with wonderful books! I'm not sure what will happen with this blog now that school's started, but I'll try and keep up with it, especially if I get more readers. I'll try and figure out how to get a "hit" counter, any ideas?

School starts tomorrow, and I've got a lot of books to choose from if we're doing a novel study or something. Maybe my writing will improve, it's all in good fun either way! Happy end-of-summer (although I'm sad about it)!!!



  1. I loved Hunger Games and Graceling. I enjoyed the Summoning and Frostbite. I heard Wintergirls was good but I don't read a lot of reality stuff. If I do, I'll put it on my list. I'll have to check out Jellicoe Road and Ballads of Suburbia. I haven't heard of either of them but I will look for them now.

    Hope school goes well. It's hard to keep up a blog. I have my brothers to help but it is still time consuming. Did you check out book blogs? That community can really help with traffic on your blog, and of course, commenting on everyone else's is a big help. Thanks for commenting on mine! Hope some of your reads for school are fun and interesting!

  2. Both Jellicoe Road and Ballads are 'realistic' books, just a heads up :)
    Aw, thanks for the encouragement, I totally agree with you on keeping up the blog. I haven't posted anything recently, it's hard to conjure up the effort somehow, especially since I haven't dont this blogging for long.
    And yes, I did sign up for BOok Blogs (thanks for telling me about it!). It's hard to increase traffic right now, especially since I have so few review posts.
    Also, thanks so much for commenting, it makes me feel fuzzy inside :)

  3. Hey, great post! I personally LOVED "A Thousand Splendid Suns"; it was on my book club reading list last year! Actually, I read few others on this list here.

  4. Yes, I really enjoyed that novel (9.1/10) , and also loved The Kite Runner :)


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