Wednesday, September 2, 2009

smallish Update on My (un)Busy life

Hey lovelies who don't exist! I haven't made any post in a while (a few days?!) since I've been away on vacation with my brother and dad. It was fun, the resort was beautiful as usual, albeit the vacation is a bit boring. Just some shopping and small family activities (15 over par @ mini golf!).

My brother is leaving for the airport in like less than an hour, he's off to first year university across the country! I'm really gonna miss him... it's a bit surreal for me, I never thought much about it, but yeah...

And yes, I've read some books recently (Wake, by Lisa McMann, and Blood Promise (VA #4) by Richelle Mead). I'm iffy on whether or not to do write reviews, I feel a bit stressed with school around the corner and wanting to not spoil too much of the book while still writing my feelings. Any thoughts? Want a review? Or just a short post for both, especially since my Blood Promise review will probably end up with spoilers. I just got my order of new books (Blood Promise, Jellicoe Road, Perfect Chemistry) which I can't wait to read! And Ballads of Suburbia which I won from the author herself- it's even autographed, and I'm supremely thankful :). I'm eager to start reading when my brother is gone, but that's gonna be tomorrow.

Eek, school is almost starting! Geez, I can't believe summer is practically over, it's time to dedicate myself to schoolwork, so I'm not sure how this blog will be affected. I'm not sure how my 50-books over summer challenge for myself is going along, I'll make a post when school starts to assess how I did. And maybe I'll do a summer retrospect post. Wow, time flies fast, it's crazy, I'm gonna miss my brother!! Airport soon...


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