Friday, September 25, 2009


So, this post will contain an array of apologies... Preparing to humble myself...

Okay, first, to (non-existent)readers of this blog, I'm so sorry for practically abandoning it for almost a month! I've been extremely busy with the start of school and can't manage to drag myself to write a review or posts. I'm not sure if this trend will be bucked soon, so I think I'll apologize in advance for not writing more reviews. I never appreciated just how much free time I had over the summer!

Secondly, and I think more importantly, I would like to apologize for a few of my more negative reviews (notably Wake by Lisa McMann and Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin). I was reading the post where I did a review for Wake and I claimed it 'sucked' because I didn't like it. That is not true. I am in no position to decide what books 'suck' and which books are 'great', I should just be giving my OPINION, not a degrading comment like that. So to any authors I offended with a negative review containing unneeded comments, I apologize. This doesn't mean I don't dislike the book, it just means I used the wrong words to describe my opinions. I will be changing the wording of those reviews ASAP. I'm not gonna comb through every review to remove offensive language, I will just edit the few that I can recall contained pretentious-ness. I was stupid to even think about writing mean things like that- your book don't suck, I just didn't find them enjoyable (and I'm sure many people will disagree with me at times).

Thanks for sticking with me... and sorry for not updating anything. I think I will make a 'cram review' soon, I've read 8 books since my last review and would love to share my thoughts! Soon...


Monday, September 7, 2009

summer challenge Results & thoughts

As you may know, I set a goal for myself (post Here) in the middle of August to see if I could read 50 books between the time when school ended in June and when school starts (which is tomorrow!). Well, the results are in, and...

SORRY! I only read 47/50 books!!! I feel mildly bad, but again, I'm actually really proud of myself. I never keep track of books I read, and I writing thoughts/lists down makes me happy when I look at them :P

So... that being said, I promised I'd list every book I read over summer, but I didn't include Authors since I'm incredibly lazy. Leave a comment if you want to find out the author. I won't be linking them to my book reviews (again, laziness) but Here's a link to my book review archive. The last bunch of books on the list don't have reviews since I was LAZY!! Seems like a trend, right? Anyways, I included ratings for the last few books just to tell you how much I liked/disliked it. There are also a couple books scattered throughout that I didn't add a review (even a small semi-review post), I will star/aterisk (*) them.

Well, without further ado, I bring to you... Summer reading list!

1. Paper Towns
2. Looking for Alaska
3. An Abundance of Katherines
4. Such a Pretty Girl
5. The Hunger Games
6. Wherever Nina Lies*
7. Graceling
8. How I Live Now
9. The Summoning
10. Unwind
11. The Truth About Forever
12. The Chosen One
13. Ten Cents a Dance
14. Vampire Academy
15. Along for the Ride
16. A Thousand Splendid Suns*
17. Frostbite
18. Life As We Knew It
19. Shadow Kiss
20. Lock and Key
21. The Awakening
22. Carpe Diem
23. A Separate Peace
24. Gone
25. Broken Soup
26. Wintergirls
27. Trickster's Choice
28. Elsewhere
29. Fighting Ruben Wolfe
30. Getting the Girl
31. Skulduggery Pleasant
32. Going too Far
33. The House of the Scorpion
34. Homicide Related: A Ryan Dooley Mystery (9.3)
35. Thief (6.4) *
36. Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire
37. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (8.3)
38. Wicked Lovely (7)
39. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (9)
40. Wake (6)
41. Blood Promise (7.6)
42. Perfect Chemistry (8.5)
43. On the Jellicoe Road (9.4)
44. Maximum Ride: School's Out- Forever (9)
45. Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (9)
46. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning (5)
47. Ballads of Suburbia (9.2) *

Well, there you go, every book I read and absorbed and liked and hated this summer! I hope you check out the reviews, and I'm really sorry I only wrote tiny reviews for the last bunch of books :( Maybe one day I'll get around to actually writing a full review if they deserve it (Jellicoe Road and Ballads of Suburbia particularly, I recommend those!!)

Hope you guys read a lot over summer, what was your favourite book? Ohh, idea! LOL. Some of my favourites over summer:

Action/adventure: The Hunger Games; honourable mention: Maximum Ride #1-3
Fantasy: Graceling
Supernatural: The Summoning
Vampire: Frostbite (VA #2)
Realistic: (I have a lot!) On the Jellicoe Road, Broken Soup, Wintergirls, Looking for Alaska, most of Sarah Dessen books, Ballads of Suburbia
Futuristic: The Hunger Games, Unwind
Well Written: Wintergirls (hands down IMO), honourable mentions: On the Jellicoe Road, Looking for Alaska, Broken Soup
Mystery: Homicide Related
Humor: Skulduggery Pleasant #1
Overall: The Hunger Games; honourable metnions: Wintergirls, On the Jellicoe Road, Broken Soup, Homicide Related, Along for the Ride

Haha, I ended up with quite a few favourites, a very productive summer, I must say! Well guys, thanks for sticking with me all summer (especially during the end where I trailed of with the blogging), I hope all had wonderful summers filled with wonderful books! I'm not sure what will happen with this blog now that school's started, but I'll try and keep up with it, especially if I get more readers. I'll try and figure out how to get a "hit" counter, any ideas?

School starts tomorrow, and I've got a lot of books to choose from if we're doing a novel study or something. Maybe my writing will improve, it's all in good fun either way! Happy end-of-summer (although I'm sad about it)!!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

take me back josephine...

Take me back Josephine

To that cold and dark December

I am missing someone but I don't know who

Now I'm standing alone and I'm trying to remember

Sometimes I wonder how I ever started loving you

-Josephine by: Brandi Carlile

Another music post ladies and gents :)

I'm loving this song, it's stuck in my head. The lyrics are quiet, haunting, and quite pretty. The melody is flowy, soft, and pretty gosh darn beautiful. Brandi Carlile really sings her song beautifully, and I recommend you guys to check out the song. I absolutely adore her album, The Story. It's currently on repeat on my iTunes.

Here's a youtube link (here) pretty good, eh? I also love her other song, The Story (same as album title). Actually, most her songs are great, so what the heck, just go check them out and tell me what you think!

i'm on a Book Reading frenzy!!

Remember when I promised in my 'Book Review Policy' that I will be reviewing practically every book I read? Well I totally take that back and will be editing that post ASAP. I've been reading a lot of books these past few days, and I haven't posted a review in over a week! I'm so sorry! And realistically, I don't think I'll get around to doing anything other than a tiny post with tiny reviews all crammed together.

I just thought I'd share which books I've read recently since my last review(you may start noticing a pattern...) and a rating. Sorry, I'm too lazy for a summary, or even a link to a summary...sorry again!!


Wake - Lisa McMann(6) - sorry, I just really didn't enjoy this one. The writing was choppy and not engaging, the concept was somewhat unique but seriously, the plot I found extremely lacking. The guy and girl had no chemistry (to me) and the guy's secret was, it has to be said, extremely stupid (IMO). Made me angry in fact, felt the author just wanted to make him cooler, but instead, just made him unrealistic and not likable (to me, this will probably differ for you). I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this review.

Blood Promise - Richelle Mead (7.6) - sorry, this was a bit too filler-ish, doesn't compare to the previous books in the VA series. I felt characters were out-of-character, and noticed some inconsistencies. A lot of characters are also unneeded. Did get pretty fed up with Rose at some points, and the parts I looked forward to most were parts from Lissa's POV (which says someting since the book is about Rose)

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles (8.5) - really romance-y like a Romeo&Juliet, if you like those books with forbidden love, try this one. Hard to put down, about a gang member and perfect-blond-cheerleader falling in love.

On the Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchett (9.6) - eek, one of the best books I've read this summer, it does measure up to all the (little) hype. It won the wholly-deserved Printz Award, and I loved it. I didn't read any previous summaries or reviews wanting to start on a blank page, so it could be a tad confusing at the beginning. I loved the story, the mystery, the sub-plots, and above all, the characters. Jonah reminds me of Parker from Broken Soup, which I liked ;). Really liked Taylor and the way she was so complex and realistic. I might just write an actual review for this book... read it!

Maximum Ride 2 - James Patterson (9) - this has an actual title which I'm too lazy to type out. Actually, no I'm not: it's "School's out- Forever". Great continuation, good action, good adventure, fast-paced, and fun characers. I liked it quite a bit, a very enjoyable read.

Maximum Ride 3 - James Patterson (9) - refer to review above ;) basically the same thoughts. Zoomed through both of them in less than a day. Not enough character development IMO though, but the constant action/adventure/mystery makes up for it.

Maximum Ride 4 - James Patterson (5) - that '5' isn't a mistake, I'm sorry, this one wasn't enjoyable at all. Skip it. Patterson shoves Global Warming down my throat and I hated it and how politically-oriented and out-of-character the book was. I really hope the next one isn't a bust. This one had wayy too little action and adventure.

Huh, I think for a few of these books, I might write an actual review. I found as I was writing this, I had a lot more to say, especially for a couple of them, whether it was because I loved or hated it. Oh, and check out my 'Book Review Policy' post (here), I've further explained my ratings, and how you should actually interpret them. I'm down to the last book I covet, which is Ballads of Suburbia (signed copy!) by Stephanie Kuehnert. I'm unbelievably excited to read it, will be soon! I've read too much these past few hours...

Oh, and this post has a bunch of tags, pertaining to the indiviual books, if that makes sense.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

smallish Update on My (un)Busy life

Hey lovelies who don't exist! I haven't made any post in a while (a few days?!) since I've been away on vacation with my brother and dad. It was fun, the resort was beautiful as usual, albeit the vacation is a bit boring. Just some shopping and small family activities (15 over par @ mini golf!).

My brother is leaving for the airport in like less than an hour, he's off to first year university across the country! I'm really gonna miss him... it's a bit surreal for me, I never thought much about it, but yeah...

And yes, I've read some books recently (Wake, by Lisa McMann, and Blood Promise (VA #4) by Richelle Mead). I'm iffy on whether or not to do write reviews, I feel a bit stressed with school around the corner and wanting to not spoil too much of the book while still writing my feelings. Any thoughts? Want a review? Or just a short post for both, especially since my Blood Promise review will probably end up with spoilers. I just got my order of new books (Blood Promise, Jellicoe Road, Perfect Chemistry) which I can't wait to read! And Ballads of Suburbia which I won from the author herself- it's even autographed, and I'm supremely thankful :). I'm eager to start reading when my brother is gone, but that's gonna be tomorrow.

Eek, school is almost starting! Geez, I can't believe summer is practically over, it's time to dedicate myself to schoolwork, so I'm not sure how this blog will be affected. I'm not sure how my 50-books over summer challenge for myself is going along, I'll make a post when school starts to assess how I did. And maybe I'll do a summer retrospect post. Wow, time flies fast, it's crazy, I'm gonna miss my brother!! Airport soon...