Monday, August 10, 2009

for every 99 times...

For every 99 times, you look me in the eyes,

you look me in the eyes, swore you weren't lying,

well I was so blind, I never saw the signs,

I'm getting out tonight, you're not invited.

-99 Times by: Kate Voegele

I haven't done a fave-song in over a month (I think), but I just found a song I can't get out of my head. Sure, it's not necessarily amazing, the lyrics are only okay, and beat isn't wicked, but it's so darn catchy! I can't help bobbing along, and singing it in my head.

Kate Voegele's also an actress/singer on the show "One Tree Hill", which I watch, but not religiously. She plays Mia, and a few of her songs are played on the show.

Here's a link to the song on youtube (it's okay, but don't love it), so give it a chance and check it out!!


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