Friday, August 28, 2009

BR: Wicked Lovely

by Melissa Marr

Okay, so this book has been floating around for a while, it's the first part of a series (3 out so far, I believe).

So Aislinn (known as Ash) [EDIT 9/5- I just found out the Aislinn is pronounced ASH-lin.] can see faeries, and that's not normal. She has to pretend she doesn't see these invisible creatures who are rude, distasteful, and downright mean sometimes, except for now it seems as if they're following her. But she doesn't want them to, she just wants to pretend none of this 'stalking' ever happened, and go off to college with her best friend, not wanting to be courted by an alluring faery 'Summer King', Keenan. Keenan has to go up against the Winter Queen and find himself a girl to be the Summer Queen and rule by his side in order to stop the spreading of the coldness. Keenan thinks this girl is Aislinn, and thus begins a courtship that may determine the future of faeries everywhere.

Okay, before continuing on, WARNING: There will be spoilers in this review, because I have stuff to say that involves spoilers. Mostly "big" spoilers, not mild ones, so if you haven't read the book, please check out the rest of the blog!!!

Alright, so I spent the majority of the book upset, frustrated, and ticked off by Keenan and his actions. I do see where he's coming from, with so many failings in finding a Summer Queen, and the constant threat of his mother, but honestly, I feel more for Aislinn...thus, I'm totally on her side despite Keenan's logical reasoning/actions.

Gah, so why did I hate Keenan so much? Well, he was such a constant annoyance to Aislinn, especially at school, following her around constantly with his ridiculous 'romantic' comments. She isn't interested! And she wants to let you down gently without looking like a total bitch and shooting you down in a mean way, but you just don't seem to get it. Does anyone watch One Tree Hill (the TV show)?? Well, there's the scene with Brooke at the bar, and she tells a guy hitting on her about 'signals' a woman sends (hilarious scene, btw). Read the goddamn signals, boy! And leave her the heck alone! Following her like a puppy dog when she obviously doesn't take in strays does not make her like you more! This may seem quite a minor reason to dislike the book, but the way it's written in the actual novel, it's quite ughh. Don't just use my review as a reason, try reading the book and see how you feel when Keenan enrolls at her school

I guess I feel this way because unlike Bella, Aislinn does not like her Edward, despite how determined he is to take away her mortal life and turn her into his faery queen. Plus, I totally like the Aislinn/Seth pairing rather than an almost-abusive/forceful relationship with Keenan. She only goes out with him to find out a way to make him go away, but he still does the annoying 'romantic' stuff like those 'romantic' lines of "I can't live without you, I need you...etc" which was *facepalm* moments for me. Like when he makes a vow, and then practically breaks it when Aislinn asks him to leave her alone. Or maybe the fact that he threatens her friends if she doesn't become his queen. Or he seduces her unfairly with his faery abilities, which isn't very cool. He's so hell-bent on making Aislinn his Summer Queen, he doesn't realize how he might affect Aislinn by taking away her mortal life and even her best friend who she loves dearly. Selfish, in my opinion (even though, again, I can see where he's coming from).

I liked the ending a lot, because it was the way I liked it, but personally, I didn't think it fit with the story. With Aislinn and Seth together, I just don't think it would've worked.

**End of most spoilers!!**

So here's a non-rant-ical review. I liked Aislinn's bond with Seth, she loves her best friend and would do anything to protect him, and vice versa. Despite being able to see faeries, she still wants to live an as normal life as possible, rather than 'exploiting' her talents.

I liked a lot of the minor characters too, like Donia. She's unique, bitter, but still tries to do what's right, despite major odds against her. She had more depth to her character, especially when you find out why she ended up the way she did. The Winter Queen was a very well-written antagonist, using her powers, trying to keep the Keenan away from finding his Summer Queen and ending her reign. Seth, who isn't really a minor character, was a person I really liked. He always did what's best for Aislinn, protected her, loved her, and didn't push or pry. I think he's a great match for her. Oh, did I mention my dislike for Keenan?

The plot itself was interesting enough (despite my hate for some parts), with Aislinn having to deal with the two boys, clinging on to her mortality, seeing faeries, and making a choice to become the Queen or not. It's a clever twist on the dreaded love triangle, so good job, Marr. I'm just glad she didn't end up with Keenan! The writing itself wasn't amazing, but good enough to keep things flowing. Some scenes did seem a bit awkwardly placed, like a sudden chapter involving Donia/Winter Queen when most of the novel is about Aislinn.

6.5/10 - because of how annoyed I was. Remember, my rating is purely on how much I liked or disliked the book, not on how 'good' the book is. Bcause of my intensely frustrated emotions when reading this book, I can't find much of it redeemable. I would recommend this to people since not everybody will feel the same about it, so if you like books involving faeries, magic, maybe a bit of supernatural, try picking this book up. Oh, and are you team Seth or team Keenan?


PS- I'm not tagging this as 'supernatural' because quite frankly, there isn't that much magic the people have, they're just faeries and just exist, if you know what I mean.

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