Sunday, August 9, 2009

Book Review Policy

Like the professional-sounding title? I've read that in a lot of blogs.

Okay, for the blog, I will be reviewing most books (give or take 1 or 2...or 10) I read, even if it's for school, for kids, or for adults. I mostly review YA books though. This is partly because I want to remember how I felt about a particular book, and also to keep tracks of the novels I read. Oh, and for you guys too ;)

Genres: I'm pretty open about the type of books I read, but when looking or browsing for books, I usually drift more towards YA books that are more realistic, some romance (not Twilight romance), fantasy, adventure, mystery, and paranormal (probably in that order). I'll try some sci-fi books, but they generally disinterest me. I'm not a fan of historical fiction, but again, I don't mind trying some that look promising. I don't read graphic novels.
I don't like those books like: Gossip Girl, A-List, Sloppy-whatevers, and Private (books with the 17/18 year old gorgeous girl who thinks of nothing but sex, money, and boys) because they are mostly incredibly shallow (not all, but most that I've read).

Reviews usually start with a pointless paragraph, a summary of the book, my opinion, and a rating. The rating out of ten is my opinion only, and is usually based on how much I liked the plot, characters, or writing.

My Ratings: If you look under "My Tags", you can see the different ratings (such as Rating: 8+). The plus sign is because not all my reviews got an 8/10, in fact, the majority of them have some sort of decimal, like 8.8/10. I do seem to give books high ratings semi-loosely (there are a lot of 9+ books...) but that's not necessarily because they are amazing, I just really really liked them. The reviews go more in depth, and explain my reasonings. A book that is 9.4+ are usually the absolutely amazing ones which I would advise everyone to read, so there aren't many. Most are in the low 9's.

To clear stuff about rating up... like why a book I hated gets a 5, it's becuase where I live, 50% is a fail (in school) and I'm a dedicated student so the 90's are the good grades. To make it easier subract 5 from each rating, and make the entire thing out of 5. For example, a 9/10 book will be 9-5=4... =4/5.
An 8.5/10 would be 8.5-5=3.5... =3.5/5. Get it?
A 5/10 would be 0/5 which means it was horrible IMO.

REMEMBER: subract 5, and make the whole thing out of 5.

Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email ("Contact Me" in the sidebar) if you have any questions or books you want me to review.


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