Tuesday, August 18, 2009

(50) books Over summer?!?!?

I was making a list of books I've read since school ended, and I'm at 31. So, being the competitive person I am, I'm setting a crazy challenge for myself (despite the fact that I am already two-thirds into summer holidays)...
It is:

Read 50 Books Over Summer Holidays!!

For me, 'summer holidays' starts when school let out, to the first day of school. So... it is between June 13, 2009, and Sept. 7, 2009. (Yes, we Canadians haven't started school yet)

I am at 31 books right now (Aug. 18) so I am a bit over one-a-day in order to finish this challenge. At the very end, I'll post the list of all the books I've read in this span, no matter if I complete the challenge or not.

Here's a 'good luck' to myself :), I've never ever done this type of thing before. Any advice?


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