Tuesday, July 28, 2009

yes!!!! awwll DONE!

Hurray!!! Summer school is *unofficially* finished!! I just have to go tomorrow to pick up report cards, but I just finished the final exam!!!

I'm so happy, I can't believe I managed to wake up every morning at like 7... A feat in itself along with doing well in a subject I was sure I would suck at. I didn't really hate the course (to my surprise) but I did a lot of extra work to make sure I understood concepts and such. I'm happy with the way I worked this summer, and I felt the extra effort paid off. Very pleased with my soon-to-be final mark.

Now it's time to pack because we're moving. Right now, I live 2 minutes away from my school, but we're moving to a place thats a bit too far to walk, but a bit too close to drive, you know what I mean? Transportation is gonna be really retarded next year, especially if my mom decides to be lazy and forces me to walk :(

Also, I'm not excited to move. Moving itself sucks, plus, my new room is gonna be quite small, something I'm not really used to. And the house smells funky. Generally, I'm not really an optimist, and this is no different. I have perrtyy low standards for the next 6 or so years my motha plans to live there (she has this whole plan for it...)

Oh well, I'm still ecstatic that I'm finished summer school, so I guess it's time to partayy!!! jk. I don't party. I'm a social failure. haha, that's a bit extreme, but I don't party and get hammered or stoned and all the bad stuff. Congrats me. And halfway through summer. The one thing I'm looking forward to at the end of summer is the release of the Vampire Academy 4th novel, Blood Promise. I know, I didn't realize I liked it so much either. You guys should read it, it may surprise you too.

--AyC (who is happy atm)

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