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my Take on various Novels/authors.. and movies/tV Too

Since I read books like Harry Potter and Twilight a while ago, I wasn't gonna do any book reviews on them. For this post, I just thought I would give some input on books that I see are somewhat popular right now.


Harry Potter

Okay, I absolutely love this series. I know everything about everything (okay, that's exaggerating a bit) but seriously, I'm a huge fan. I read HP fanfics, and wrote one myself (still at the beginning though). Maybe I'll give you a link if I want to one day. I love the magical world created by JK Rowling, and the characters are all amazing. I have nothing but good things to say. I loved every book (can't decide which one's my fave- 3, 6, or 7) and the only thing that was a bit iffy was the DH epilogue. Meh, it tied things up a bit too nicely, and I felt that Harry's kids' names were sooo unoriginal... Oh well. I just wanted to say I adore Harry Potter. Probably my favourite book/series ever, and I don't think it's because the writing itself is great, it's just that I get so caught up in the story and the world that takes me away from RL. Super imaginative, super duper great. I've reread all of them more than I can count :)

Twilight Saga

Okay, I know there's like twenty million different opinions on this book, and quite frankly, it's one of those books that I loved when I first read it, but the more I thought about it, the more I disliked it. I mean, the plot in Twilight is weak. And I hated Breaking Dawn. Absolutely hated it to a point where Jacob's POV (I was team Edward) was my favourite part. Hated Renesmee, hated Bella, hated Edward throughout the entire novel. OMG, so much perfection, so much focus on beauty, so much Mary-Sue going on I feel like I'm drowning in perfection. Bella got everything. Hated it hated it hated it. Oh, and the climax was so pathetic I had to reread it to make sure Smeyer actually ruined it, and it wasn't some misreading by me. I read all four books, btw. My favourite was Eclipse, because it somewhat had some action. And I am no longer team Edward, or team Bella. I'm Germany, and I want to destroy them all.

Blue Bloods

Ya, I know, these books aren't exactly "popular", but I just wanted to say I don't like them at all. Why? Because Schuyler (I think that's how her name is spelled) is the epitome of Mary-Sue: she's gorgeous, she special, she's got a great body, her name's cool, she's got some sort of troubled past, and all these other great things about her that makes her unique/super. She is so much more talented than everyone else, gets the popular boy, and just too damn perfect/better than everyone else. Sorry, not the character for me. I'm sorry if I don't want to read another book about Bella--wait, I meant Mary Sue.

The Book Thief

I read this book last year, and I see so many high ratings for it on various websites. I felt Zusak, the author, really wrote it uniquely (is that a word?) from Death's point of view, and his view of an innocent girl growing up in Nazi Germany. I adored Liesel and Rudy, and I felt the book was very emotional at times, and amazingly well written. This is the type of novel in which I think I liked the writing just as much as I enjoyed the plot. Not really a surprise why it won a Printz. It's not my absolute favourite book, but I just wanted to comment on the writing (not that I'm an expert or anything).

Inheritance Cycle

Okay, its' books like this that get me so caught up in the Fantasy genre. However, I did have a few nitpicks. I love Eragon, semi-loved Eldest, and only semi-liked Brisingr. This might be because I read Brisinger like 2 years after Eldest, and because the plot was dragging quite a bit in books 2 and 3. I think Paolini had some great ideas, fusing dragons with magic, and different creatures like elves and dwarves, so he creates a unique world of Alagaesia. People say he was influenced too much by HP and LOTR, but since I've never read LOTR, I can't say for sure. I just hope the fourth book will make me love it again, because I'm kind of on the edge, especially since there are so many loose ends to tie up. He better not leave it vague like some series (*ahem* Series of Unfortunate Events) in which I was completely lost by the last book... I have high hopes though, and feel the author has some really creative ideas.


Sarah Dessen

Probably my favourite author at the moment, I love all her novels because of how her protagonists are flawed, yet they grow and evolve through the novel. I feel she depicts people realistically, and she makes me fall in love with her characters. They are so much more than they first appear. So many of her books I just want to reread over and over again. They're all so great that it's hard to rank them... well here goes nothing.
  1. Just Listen (9.4)
  2. Along For the Ride (9.3)
  3. The Truth About Forever (9.2)
  4. Someone Like You (9)
  5. This Lullaby (9)
  6. Lock and Key (9)
  7. Keeping the Moon (8.8)
  8. (I haven't read Dreamland or That Summer)

Jodi Picoult

Again, one of the authors I really like, because of her unique writing style. The flipping POVs that define her novels give insight to different characters, not just from a third-person POV. I also like how she deals with realistic themes that are important and relevant today. Her characters are almost always well-drawn out, and never flat.

John Green

Yep, I follow him on Twitter, and I'm interested in what he has to say. His novels are both thought-provoking and humorous, which I greatly enjoyed. Sure, he doesn't really tie up the loose ends, and leaves it up to the reader (something I both detest and like at the same time). Sometimes I wish he would just tell us what happens after the novel. His writing style is superb, and I love his 3-D characters, who have depth and are realistic. I enjoyed all his novels.

Dan Brown

Okay, he's faced a lot of criticism, but frankly, I love his books because they're fast paced and action-packed. I don't care if he referenced copyrighted books, all I care about is the story, and he weaves and exceptional story. Basically, I just love the action, and he makes me believe what he's writing (for the longest time, I thought everything in Da Vinci Code was real...). Kind of thought-provoking (like in the "let's doubt things we believe" kind of way), to be honest. Really enjoyed his novels, fave is Angels & Demons.


I think I'm just gonna talk about my favourite ones, since I don't really want to post some kind of review. Okay, my absolute favourite movie is LOTR Return of the King. I know. How unoriginal, but seriously? I love it, it's escapism at the finest. Favourite series? Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't like the Harry Potter movies because they kind of suck... well, they skip too much of books actually.

I should mention I don't like horror movies. Well, not the horror, per say, since I can usually squint my way through gory stuff. I just hate suspense, and the feeling of "unknowing". I also don't like superhero movies (apart from Dark Knight). Hate Spiderman, Superman, The Hulk and all that stuff.

I love comedies, and enjoy those romantic-comedy-chick-flicks most of the time. I like slapstick humor... that makes me feel shallow. Some favourite comedies: Hitch, Anchorman, Superbad... I really really want to watch the Monty Python stuff (I feel deprived). The Notebook and A Walk to Remember were great/sad too.

Favourite genre for me would be action though. Like non-stop, blow-it-wide-open action. It varies, like from stuff like Gladiator, Braveheart, and those sword-fighting times, to movies about war: Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down. It can also just be one of those action-action explosion films, like Transformers (I liked that so-so), and Dark Knight (Yes!). Is I Am Legend part of that group? I liked Bad Boys when I was younger, and I might also mention I used to be obsessed with Rush Hour 2... not anymore though. Whew.

TV Shows

Favourite comedy? 'Friends'. I'm learning to enjoy 'Seinfeld' though, since they play so many reruns. One of my fave comedies that is "current" is 'The Big Bang Theory'. Like OMG-- hysterical! Well, they make me giggle, and I love the whole cast and their personalities... especially Sheldon. I also like 'Family Guy' (don't judge :P) and 'South Park'. Hate 'The Simpsons' though.

Shows I also watch (usually regularly if I can) are '24' (my favourite one this year), 'Survivor', 'American Idol', 'So You Think You Can Dance', 'Gossip Girl', 'Desperate Housewives', and 'Brothers&Sisters'. I know, I spend wayy too much time watching TV; like I said, my time management skills are questionable.


*I might add to this post later on when I read some fantastic novels by fantastic authors, who knows? I'm thinking of writing another post that gives more information/facts about myself... what do you think? And what are your opinions on the novels and authors I mentioned in the post? Favourite movies/TV shows? Are there any things you want me to write a post about?


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