Friday, July 31, 2009

last Post for July!

Moving day...moving day...moving day!! Gosh, yesterday was moving day (in case you guys couldn't tell) and it was freaking 35 degree weather, so we were all drenched in sweat. Thanks mom...for not hiring movers... geezus.

But seriously, it was so hot out, and I had to run up and down stairs for the boxes and boxes, while my brother packed his room (he's the expert procrastinator here), while pigging out on popcicles and pop the whole day, no joke. This has been the messiest move (third move this year, again, not joking) and all the furniture and stuff are piled in the living room. My mom wanted to remodel the grubby bathroom, so while the contractors are working, we can't move furniture...thus the pileup. And the house smells funky because the previous owners had a dog who apparently peed everywhere, and I mean everywhere. We are loading up on febreeze and air fresheners, yes we are.

Most of my stuff is in my room though, and I am stealing *ahem*borrowing* the neighbors internet... thank God for wireless on laptops, not that it's a big deal or anything... IT IS!! I read a book since I was sick of unpacking and moving and all that crap, books was called Carpe Diem, by Autumn Cornwell. I'll write a review for it tomorrow (hopefully), it was pretty good.

I really want to spend my day at the library tomorrow, especially since there's no toilet here, and no airconditioning. Maybe catch a movie with a friend or something. Dunno, because all this moving crap is not making me a "happy camper". And the windows have to be fitted with screens, so flies are everywhere *shudder*.

Hope you guys are enjoying life more than I am atm, one more month of summer!


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