Sunday, July 26, 2009

everything Sounds Better (in your Pants)

I was on youtube, looking at John Green's vlog (vlogbrothers) and he was talking about how books all sound better if you add "in your pants" to the title. Looking at the books I've read recently (or have checked out), I have to say I agree. It reminds me of something I read somewhere where you add "in bed" to something. I know, not vague at all, but seriously; I don't remember. Oh, and it's kind of a twisted humor, not excatly har-har, but a funny in that "sexual" kind of way...

So here are some recent titles I've read, adding in that funny line:

  • The Awakening in Your Pants *
  • An Abundance of Katherines in Your Pants
  • The Chosen One in Your Pants
  • Frostbite in Your Pants *
  • How I Live Now in Your Pants *
  • Life As We Knew It in Your Pants
  • Lock and Key in Your Pants
  • Looking for Alaska in Your Pants *
  • Shadow Kiss in Your Pants
  • Ten Cents a Dance in Your Pants
  • Unwind in Your Pants *
  • The Truth about Forever in Your Pants

* = especially funny to me XD

Haha, funny, right? And these novels aren't even chosen because they're funny. They make up practicaly my entire book review archive (link here).

Check out John Green's video here, there something about helping out a book organization as well. What's the funniest book title if you add "in your pants" after?


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